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Datex, then new Latex?

We've been playing with Datex for a while now and for anyone thats into Latex fetish wear, this is definitely worth a read

Datex is a new material made from Latex bonded to an elasticated backing sheet, easier to wear, stronger, and you can even machine wash it

Latex just got easy......

check it out...... What is Datex Fetish Wear and Clothing

Latex, Leather and Lace - Fetish and Alternative Clothing

Latex Leather and Lace, Alternative Clothing Weblog

Hey All,

Just a quick one to say love the site, we are an alternative and fetish clothing supplier in the midlands, regulars at BBB etc

we supply a broad range of clothing for Alt and Fetish, aswell as some more mainstream, new website is up and running so take a look, all comments welcome

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