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Hello All

This is Xander of HypnosisFetish.co.uk

I am a professional hypnotist, and over the last few years, though based in the UK, most of my customers have been from North America as hypnosis is also classed as a fetish most particularly in the US.

So I am here to answer your questions about using hypnosis for various areas including fantasy role play, bdsm, swingers parties and so forth. Long story short, if you can think of it, it can be experienced. To put things into perspective a female submissive customer of mine was rewarded with a screaming orgasm that was so intense not only was she sobbing for joy, she eventually pleaded for it to stop as it went on and on. What is excellent about using hypnosis is that you don't need anything to remove one's inhibitions, and indeed you can specify what you want.

Of course I am available to individuals, couples and groups.

Please visit the website. There is no 'graphic content' on it, it is purely to get straight to the point as to what is possible.

Master Hypnotist