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The 7th Bristol Fetish Emporium (market and party) will be held on the 10th of March. This month's Workshop: Wax Play! Is wax play all about taking a candle and just dripping it over someone? Or is there an art? This month's workshop is about advice, safety, and also how to play with wax to its full potential!

(psst! April, May and Junes demos are secret at the moment but they are pretty cool with three of the best known names on the scene - watch the site for details coming soon.. oh ok! Here is a clue... pony girls, and school rooms, and ZAP!)

South West's Premiere Fetish Market and After Market Party
( Dungeon by Bondage Equipment UK )

The Met
Park Street

Good food and drinks at reasonable prices - Ideal Munch facilities, Meet old friends and new.

This venue is growing But in order to keep it that way The traders need your support (and cash). Need that new piece of kit, boots, whip, collar, at the right price? Well buy it at the BFE where the prices are extremely reasonable!!

Check us out, place a message on our board, fill out the comments box if you came to the last one.

SUPPORT IT OR LOSE IT is there for you the community.

The BFE Team

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