Night of the Cane (14 Nov)Review: Event

The venue-a disused 'ex-Masonic Temple' restored as a sizish East End Community Theatre a 10 minutes walk from the nearest tube station in the East End in a fairly quiet residential street was only a stones throw from the notorious Old Dark House where this event used to be held before that House Closed sadly in the wake of the demise of Ivor Gold.

It began quite early and soon filled up as folks chatted amiacably at the bar.The venue consisted of a large ground floor area with plenty of nooks and crannies and little hideaway places behind curtains and a large central theatre space about the size of four squash courts.In this was sited a classroom re-enactment with lessons from Doms for naughty boyz throughout the evening.The quirkily beutiful Miss Leona was excellent as such in her red PVC bodysuit as she thretened relcalcitrant after recalcitrant pupil with her vicious ruler and slapping hands.

About 8.30pm the World famous caning competition got underway.All the 12 entrants were held in a gladiator like coral until their turn.This year all but one were Tvs or men under the cane.The judges and audience had a good view and the place was packed with at a guess 500 or so guests.The classroom scenes were very hushed. After the competition(a Spanish m/f couple won again ie. the only real woman -hint)a disco got off the ground and mass spanking broke out to the beat of The Sweet and other 70s heavy rock such as Alice Cooper and Roxy Music,Slade and The Small Faces (1960s).

Upstairs 'workshops'took place.Somewhat boring and disorganised.One degenerated into just laughing and an embarrassed silence with no one willing to lead it!

Toilet access was very good. The opening of doors cooled the extremly warm air that had built up making the whole place very very hot. In well lit corridors naugty boyz were soundly caned and lined up for their turn. Soon about 8 or 9 spankings and canings were going on simulataneously in different parts of the building! The corridors echoed to the sounds of slapping Some very attractive female posteriors well well smacked! The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and informal wihout a hint of trouble.

Guests left soon before midnite their heads spinning with the bare bottom beatings they had seen ,the knickers and trousers pulled down for chatisement etc.!

Cloakroom was on a voluntary donation basis. The Cloakroom was OK but it sadly blocked the entrance to a large mirorred wall to wall gymnasium with wonderful echo that could perhaps have served as a scenario for a dramatic 'over the horse caning?'As it was ,it remained off limits for no apparent reason,although a private punishment could be heard coming from within.Maybe a little more equipment too would have encouraged even more action?

Similiarly a second class set up in lieu of workshops could also have heightened the evenings proceedings but no matter all in all a thrilling and well balanced event with little to say about it amiss. Looking forward to next year!

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