Documentary wants you!? ('Sex Over 40')Review: Event

I am trying to find people who use fetish wear and accessories to enhance their sex-lives to take part in a new Yorkshire Television documentary series called 'Sex Over 40'.

The six-part series aims to look at all aspects of sex, love and relationships - and how the needs of people, single and married, change as they grow older. It will look at swingers, age-gap relationships, the so-called mid-life crisis and explore the ways people keep their sex-lives alive!

I am seeking people over the age of 40 from the YTV region (from Norfolk to York) whose fetish fantasies, clothes and sex-toys spice up their sex-lives. They must be willing to show us around their wardrobe and reveal why fetish is more fun!

If you know of anyone I would be very grateful if you could put them in touch with me - I'm on 0113 222 8713

Many thanks,

Jo Maris
Sex Over 40

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