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Early December I ordered a CD from the Torture Garden website's merchandise section... I had asked the DJ at Tight Laced for info on a particular track he often plays, and it turned out to be on a compilation from TG, which I figured would be a safe bet to have some other good stuff on it too!

The website was nice and easy to buy stuff from, I got from knowing roughly the name of the album to putting in my credit card details and clicking the order button in about ten minutes flat. I got a confirmation mail from TG saying the order had been received and then I went to bed, expecting it to arrive in a couple of weeks (slightly concerned that it would get caught up in the Xmas postal chaos).

Two days later, I got up to find a jiffy bag on my doormat with a CD in it from TG. Wow, that's fast service I thought, eagerly ripping it open. Unfortunately it was the wrong CD ! (I ordered Extreme Clubbing 1 and got the latest version, Extreme Clubbing 3). I had a listen to see whether I should just keep this one and re-order the original one, but it wasn't really to my taste, so I emailed TG and explained the situation...

Their reply was confidence inspiring - "Please post it back to us, we will despatch the correct CD as soon as possible. Sorry" (or words to that effect). Excellent I thought, and sent it back...

Unfortunately (again) they turned out to be out of stock of the one I wanted, and so it has taken this long for my copy of Extreme Clubbing 1 to turn up - it arrived in the mail yesterday, and has been played about two dozen times already! It was a longer wait than I would of liked, but the first track is really a classic and was worth the wait. The rest of the album is also good, with occasional spots of really good, so my money (I think it was about 16) was well spent in my opinion.

On the whole, it's not an impressive story, but judging by the extremely friendly and professional way it was handled along the way, I suspect my experience may be atypical - I'd be interested to hear of other people's experiences of buying TG stuff. In the meantime, if anyone wants a good album to buy, I can recommend Extreme Clubbing 1, especially the first track, "Twisted" ! :)

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