I just had another look at this artists website and was pleased to see many new pictures. His art includes fetish, vampire, cartoon and pinup art, all quite explicit but amazingly detailed with a nice sense of humour. definitely worth a look. Here is a link:

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Fetish Art on the Art of LoveReview

The world of fetish is an inspiration for many artists, this site covers many of them. The site has a large collection of galleries and articles on the subject.

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Fab Swingers - a sexually open minded communityFeature

There's quite a lot of cross-over between the swingers community and the fetish community, from personal experience we've frequently pulled at fetish clubs! Personally, neither me nor my partner are that keen on the term 'swingers' at all and we'd normally talk about 'playing' instead however it's the word that everyone uses so that's why we called our website Fab Swingers.

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Submarine Escape SuitReview

Hi there - I recently purchased a submarine escape suit for Bondage reasons. Absolute bargain from ebay. The suits are genuine and now obselete models from the MoD. They inflate all over giving the feeling of being squished in!. Full enclose is possible by the extra strong fully water proof zips that make the suit a dry suit. can infalte and deflate via valves on the cuffs.

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Spankd fetish club - opening night inviteNews

SPANKD fetish club at TOGA-TOGA. Northwich, Cheshire. New & amazing monthly fetish club. Opening night 21st July 07. Feat- Awesome entertainment area with Outrageous Fetish Cabaret+ Acts+ Demos,2 Club DJ,s+ more. Huge, Fully Equipped Dungeon+ Playrooms+ Darkroom+ Porn Cinema+ more.

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Male Shoe Fetish?Request

I'm a female with a major male shoe obsession. I'm looking for websites that are not gay-focussed to indulge my passion, with pics, fics, anthing really! I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only person who feels like this!

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Fetish-friendly dating with ctrl-alt-date.comNews

Right now there are several online dating sites to choose from, both specific to the UK and world-wide in scope. I've long believed that the majority of these sites were lacking in some way or other, so for the past few months I've been creating my own.

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Fetish HotelsRequest

My partner and I have been looking for a fetish hotel. We would like to find a hotel that has themed rooms but is very relaxed and comfortable and you dont feel pressured as this would be my first time at a fetish hotel. I have been looking on the internet but dont seem to have found anything. If anyone has any ideas of places in the UK it would be fantastic if you could let me know - thanks!

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Saturno Butto dark fetish prints now availableNews

ObsessionArt.com, the fetish art print specialist, has launched an exclusive range of prints by renowned Italian artist Saturno Butto.

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CMC classifieds site now openNews

We have opened a classified advertising site for adult and fetish items. Its is FREE to advertise, and no comission on sales made. If you have new or used clothing, books, cd's, toys etc that you no longer need why not turn them into cash and make space for something new.

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