A personal journey into chastityFeature

i have been wearing a chastity device called a cb-2000 on and off for about a month now. My first "sentence" was three and a half days, the second time i was "locked in" for seven days and this time around its been six days since the lock was snapped shut and i have no idea at the moment when i will be allowed out. My Keyholder (who is my Wife and Mistress, LadyLinda) is currently threatening to let me out to pleasure Her without allowing me to cum and then locking me back up. Funnily enough i am, kind of, in a strange masochistic way, looking forward to that.

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Sex Maniacs Ball / Erotic Oscars 2001Review: Event

This was going to be a new event for us. As part of our nomination we received tickets to attend the Sex Maniacs Ball, to be held in London, at the Chainstore, Trinity Bouy Wharf, on the banks of the Thames just over the river from the Millenuim Dome. This is an annual event held by the Sexual Freedom Coalition in aid of the Outsiders Trust. The venue was a combination of buildings including a lighthouse, which gave a lot of scope for spreading out the attractions , and keeping everybody cool, under the circumstances. The breeze off the river was very welcome after a long hot evenings cabaret. the toilets were excellent , the best Portaloos I have ever used ...... ten out of ten for them .......

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Club AbsolutionRequest

Does anyone know when and where Club Absolution now meets. This fantastic Milton Keynes based club seems to have disappeared and we are keen to revisit.

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ukfetish.info run by abject moron :)ukfetish.info

A couple of weeks ago, I moved ukfetish.info from one hosting company to another... at the time, I was smugly pleased at how smoothly it all went, and so I didn't even post an article saying we'd shifted, as I was pretty sure it was all invisible to the people who read and contribute to the site... they do say that "pride comes before a fall" don't they...

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KinkReview: Event

KlubKink is a friendly fetish party held in Cardiff. I like the organisers very much. It Is important to them you have a good time there. They are also trying to get a TV night together will let you know what that is like.The fetish night is friendly and small about 100 would pack the place out. I like the intimacy of a smaller gathering though.

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Adventures of GwendolineReview: Event

Excellent hard core club in London at the Fringe Club. No fashion victims, just doms, subs and watchers. Music is hard house and there is enough equipment to play with. If you email you get a discount price ticket. Next one is on Saturday 30th. Their website is here

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The magic that is The EdgeReview

I've been back at work for a few hours after three days and two nights at "The Edge" with my Mistress but my heart and my mind are still in Devon. As an entirely grounded individual I hesitate to use words like spiritual but it is no understatement to say that the visit was magical, in so many ways, on so many levels, for both of us.

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London Based June MunchNews

June's Munch will be held June 23rd at the Princess Louise pub in High Holban. We have a private upstairs room The munch runs from 5pm to around 9pm.

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London Fetish Fair - Sun 3rd JuneReview: Event

The last time I went to The London Fetish Fair it was being held in a pub in Kings Cross. It was OK, but it always felt rather cramped and dark.

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Torture Garden - 25 May 2001Review: Event

Well, it was certainly great fun. 1,200 or so pervs all dressed to the nines and out for a fun time. It all started at 10pm, going on, for those with the energy, to 6am, as the light came up over Brixton, where the venue, MASS, a huge old converted Church resides. However, in my enthusiasm to introduce a couple of pervy friends to the scene, we arrived early, hoping to avoid the usual queue, yet it only really started to fill out by midnight.

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