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Evesham (south Worcs) area Master. Currently (July 05) in satisfactory sub/Dom relationship but happy to consider new approaches as my female partner is moving abroad at the end of the year. My main interests are strictly private - gave up public clubbing/munches years ago when I realised they were just too over-the-top for me - and include: bondage, master/servant, roleplay, humiliation and, above all, gynaecological examination. I am a fit, healthy and young-looking 50 yr old, 5'9, 11 stone, brown hair and blue-grey eyes. I am married and all of my Dom activities are carried out in discreet and private circumstances. My concern always is to offer respect and safety as an overall 'umbrella' to my activities and expect the same attitude in return. I consider myself intelligent, well-educated and articulate and look for the same in any partner - I suppose it would be fair to say that I expect smiles and much good humour out of sub/dom as well as, yes, the excitement element.

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