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Last Saturday saw us being chauffeured (due to broken car) to the first ever Bristol Fetish Emporium, being held at the Rotunda in Kingswood.

The venue is good, and has a lot of potential. The BFE is held on the top floor of a large building built on the corner of two streets. There was a large circular bar area, with the fair itself leading off from one entrance, with an adjacent play/display/workshop area alongside. I understand bar prices were reasonable (whatever that means). The bar provided an excellent social area to complement the fair.

Regrettably the caterers had let the organisers down, and we were tempted by the smell of frying chips and other tempting smells from the kitchens below. Unfortunately the kitchen for the bars downstairs was not geared up to cope with any overspill from our event, so eating there was not an option. It was torture sitting their smelling their food ....... in the end we sent out for sandwiches.

We unfortunately missed the pony play demonstration, but heard excellent reports. We did witness Alex of Cobra whips demonstration of 'The Art of the Single Tail'. Alex covered whip construction, origin, safety and techniques. He was ably assisted throughout his main talk by two female volunteers. He then started on volunteers from the audience, all hungry to taste the kiss of the whip.

The stalls were a good mix of the expected and unexpected. There was an interesting cross over into gothic/new age with a couple of stalls selling jewellery, blades, crystal balls, incense. There was a choice of stalls offering floggers and restraints, and toys. New Moon were there with a 'new age' range, including some spectacular blades, and wonderful earrings.

Dark Sensations were there with their excellent dual range, one of leather, one in rubber. I was particularly interested in the rubber range, as rubber allows us to provide a sample bondage kit for newcomers in the dungeon , which can be easily cleaned after use. We put together a starter kit of rubber collar and cuffs, and flogger, which can be easily wiped down after use and stored ready for the next person. As luck would have it , the last couple had a rubber fetish as well, so they were in heaven. I also have a heavy rubber flogger for my use. I find the extra sting from the rubber gives an added dimension to our play. It enables me to push further during a flogging, and save me arm work ...... even the rubber floggers are lighter than my heavy american ones. The rubber kit is also very useful in workshop/demonstration situations, again the ease of cleaning makes them ideal.

Sensual Sting & Thud were also at Bristol. Their range of toys from the maribou 'plume' to the lexan canes mark a departure from the traditional BDSM toys. Paws and Claws, a faux fur mit (in a myriad of colours) hides stainless steel claws which with a flex turn the paw into a claw. Great for sensual play, a wonderful nervous beginners' toy, and an excellent toy for those starting sexual exploration. They also have ostrich plumes, for tickle and tease, church and cathederal candles, and an interesting line in acrylic canes called 'lexans'. These vary from the small and whippy to downright THUD.

Aychee were there with their excellent range of bondage tape, and liquid latex. Richard Larsen was there with his silver jewellery ....... sighs .......... why do I always like the most expensive things ? Other stalls sold erotic prints, tattoo sessions, as well as clothing. Nice to see SM Pride out and about too.

All in all this has the potential to become and excellent event. The location is good, the mix of stalls excellent. The lack of food was very frustrating, maybe we should have a sandwich stall next time ?

However one thing did strike me, was the orientation of those attending. I would say was almost 95% hetrosexual. I know from the other fairs around the country that the BFE will need the support of the gay and lesbian communities as well if it is going to become well established and sucessful.

So, to the organisers a thank you, a please sort out the catering, and good luck with the next one.

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The Vendors View#1

From our view the event was a wonderful success, for a first event the venue worked, the lay out was good there was room for work and play in close proximity, not to mention plenty of rest areas for the visitors.

Access was good and we would like to thank all who stopped bye to see what we had, old freinds and new ones we met, we hope to continue with the inovation and different approach we have taken.

I agree with the comments re catering and the Pan Sexual appeal across all comunities.

I hope we can make this a regualr event in what could be a really good venue.


Sensual Sting Thud & Associates

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Bristol Fetish Fair and other stuff#2

Leaving work tonight (after a very sucky day at the grindstone) i was thinking about getting home and writing a nice fluffy post about my weekend including our visit to the Bristol Fetish Fair. I had just made it to the roundabout at junction 10 to join the M1 northbound when a moron drove up the outside lane and then tried to cut across me to turn southbound onto the M1, basically cutting straight across in front of me. I didn't stand a chance so my baby has a couple of damaged panels on the drivers side where we collided. The moron has a rather large dint in his passenger side. Fortunately everyone is okay and managed to walk away from the accident with little more than the shock. The moron is unfortunately not accepting liability, according to him i should have been signalling even though i was going straight ahead. My insurance company see things a little more rationally and if he continues to refuse liability then they will fight it.

Anyways, back to what i was planning to write about.... arrived at the BFE around noon having spent the evening before in North London with some (vanilla) friends. The venue itself is quite a good one, certainly not seedy although having more bar staff would have helped at points during the day and food would have been a big plus. About a third of the size of the BBB it was, nevertheless great to see many familiar faces.... Dark Sensations (waving to LP and smartie), Sensual Stingy Thud & Associates (did i get that the right way around???... hiya Pags, kkeke and alouette), Aychee and Barb, Richard Larsen, Master Phil etc etc but it was nice to see at least a couple of stalls we hadn't seen before, especially New Moon as Mistress was finally able to acquire the crystal ball and athame she has been after forever. I think one advantage for the traders was the lack of bright lights shining in their faces all day.

We ordered a new flogger from Lord Para at Dark Sensations... he was showing off a rather nice new creation made of bungee cord which smartie assures me is wonderful, we picked up a nice piece of finger armour to go with our violet wand for under a fiver, and somehow Mistress twisted my arm to get a couple of those rather nasty devices from Richard Larsen that look like a pen but when you press on the cap a nasty set of pincers appear. I have no idea what the proper name of these devious devices is. I'm not particularly keen on nipple play so it would not be polite to tell you what my private name for them My nipples are still healing from being pierced so at the moment i'm being threatened with finding them hanging from other bits of my body (i hate it when Mistress gets that evil smirk on her I did get a piece of advice about filing the tips a bit from my sis (thanks smartie!!!)... but when i told LL she said i was forbidden from sanding them off (that's going to be an owie then!)

We missed the pony play demo but did catch Alex Jacob doing his stuff with bullwhips and other nasty toys, so we were finally able to have a conversation with him and we placed our order for a sjambok variation similar to a quirt that i've enjoyed on previous occasions.

Somehow or other i then managed to be one of the demo bunnies for his display, and managed to end up on the business end of the big bullwhip. I didn't find the experience particularly thrilling (not at all like the singletail demo i had the pleasure of being on the end of at the BBB), the sensation was quite unpleasant, like super hot wires being pressed on my back and i couldn't see how i might be able to process the sensations i was experiencing and find it pleasurable. I tried to breathe and focus but Alex kept stopping to explain various points to the audience which threw me off, so without a warmup as well it wasn't a great experience. I do, however, have a few nice trophies on my back to show for it though <grin>.

I'm glad i tried it, you never find out unless you try but i don't think it'll be somewhere i want to go in the near future and we'll be sticking to singeltails and their variants for the forseeable future. Even after such an experience I still believe in the saying "never say never" and it won't stop me trying out other new experiences. You just don't get to experience anything new unless you take a controlled risk and have a go. And never trying would make for a thoroughly boring existence wouldn't it?

We also bought Alex's video so you can imagine we weren't thrilled to read the review of it posted on B2G today. I just hope we find something more redeeming in it than Rachel and the crew found. We bought it for the singletail / whip stuff so if that's okay and there is something to learn from it then that at least that will be a positive aspect for us.

The day was made for us by meeting up with good friends and getting a bunch of super hugs from MsDemmie, budgie, Badg, Wildfire, mrniceguy, lillian, Jazzie, pel, aureus, Pags, alouette, kkeke, Lordpara, smartie, Master Phil, Barb and Aychee. Gee... hope i've not forgotten anyone although if i have that will only earn me a red stone(or twenty).

The BFE is not a venue that we could possibly plan to attend regularly, the drive home was about two and a half hours but we did enjoy going, especially as we will miss the next BBB due to a diary clash which involves a trip to my favourite dungeon.(Poor me huh!)

It was, all in all, a great weekend, just a pity Monday turned into such a clusterfuck!!


owned and loved by LadyLinda

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