BDSM Swap Shop - Great site!Review

When fed up with television repeats and turkey left overs at Christmas, we went for a look around on the Internet. We were really impressed when we stumbled on the BDSM swap shop through a link on this site.

Normally with links to sites, you find yourself being sent into oblivion, with no way back, stuck at somebody's really crappy home page.

With the Swap Shop, it is just what it says it is. A place to sell or swap second hand fetish gear. Most of us have items that we'll probably never use again, or just seeking a good home for them.

We found the site to be really professional, with a few of our own unwanted items finding a new home.

It is the first time that we have seen anywhere advertising second hand gear and highly recommend it to all!

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spanking stool#1

i see you have one for sale please phone me on07850281650 or e/mail at thanks master david

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Thank You!#2

I am the webmaster of BDSMSwapShop and I'd just like to thank you for the kind review. I'm also very happy that the service proved useful to you :)

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Happy customer#3

My first time on BDSM swapshop (I didn't realise it was new!) I found some stuff, sold by Chris and Di funnily enough, and after a cheque went missing in the post, we got it sorted.

Cheers Chris and Di, and they definitely went to a good home :)

Top marks for BDSM SwapShop!

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Thanks for the recommendation!#4

I've already found something I want there - thanks for letting us know about the site!


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Re: Thanks for the recommendation!#35

Indeed impressive

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Yes it *was* a great site....#5 worked for me. I sold a couple of items through it, but when I went back it had closed. Sad because it was a useful resource and there's nowhere else UK based that provides free BDSM classifieds. Perhaps some kind hearted soul could take it over. The only problem being that full time businesses would try to exploit the free advertising....


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