BFE 13th JanReview: Event

I just had to write to let anyone who might be as nervous as I was about attending my first fetish fair and party know how my first visit to the Bristol Fetish Emporium went.

Did I say nervous? I stood in front of the mirror putting on my makeup, convincing myself I wasnt going, I was still telling myself that I would turn the car round when I got to Bristol, I would only stay for 10 minutes, well perhaps an hour, hmmmm they are actually nice people, I'll stay 2 hours.

'When are you leaving?' someone asked after I had been there nearly four hours.....I left after 7 hours only because I had a long journey home.

ok, so I enjoyed it! I loved the people. I felt 'at home'.

I want to go back! I have a million questions which I believe poor Master Phil may be getting plagued with later tonight *grin*.

But most of all I want to say 'thank you' to everyone who smiled with their eyes, who gave great hugs and generally made me feel so welcome!! How could I not want to come back?

My biggest thanks go to Master Phil, *gentle kiss* thanks for persuading me, it was great!

sway x (

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redbottom spanking club at b f e#1

best party so far for the bfe hope to see you and more people in feb 10 2002 lotts of fun to have my e mail (david) or phone 07850281650

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Re: redbottom spanking club at b f e#2

Big thanks to them

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