WE WON!!!Review: Event

Woo-hoo! We WON the Erotic Award!!! :)

On Friday night I was presented with an Erotic Award for UK Fetish Info, in the Disability Friendly category (in recognition of the fact that the code for the site is well written and therefore more easily accessible to sight and motion impaired readers).

When the results were announced, I was a little surprised - we were up against the band Rockbitch and the shop Coco De Mer - both fairly high profile operations! I made my way to the stage, took the award, made a little speech saying thankyou to everyone who's contributed articles and comments etc to the site, and got almost all the way back to my seat before my legs gave out when the shock and adrenaline wore off all at once! :)

Thankyou to everyone who has contributed to making the site what it is - the award was more about the code that runs the site - but without the people who use the site, that code would very obviously be pointless - the site is all about the community that uses it, so thankyou all very much.

Now I just need to get a mantlepiece to display this huge gold penis with wings on ;)

photo of trophy

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Re: WE WON!!!#1

Heartfelt congratulations ......... well deserved ......just wish we could have been there to see .

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Re: Re: WE WON!!!#2

Well done!


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Re: WE WON!!!#3

**Hugglez to the DennyBod**

Well done babe - I was rooting for you all night. Well deserved... I just wanna come see the golden flying tadger now :)

"Sarcasm is just one of the services I provide..."

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Re: Re: WE WON!!!#4

U deserve it :)
The biggest hugg ever xxxxxxx

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Re: Re: Re: WE WON!!!#5

Hey ,I thought I d tell u as u cant read the LFS board, a regular there commended ur site as new, and Twinkle replied about ur two years running it, and congratulated u for the award :)
(I wonder who they used as a model to make the statuete LOL)

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Re: WE WON!!!#6

Well done Denny! I was so pleased to hear of your win. You must be feeling great. Congratulations!


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