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I am about to produce some 'crushing' video clips for my members site, using fruit and other squishy items. During my research into this fetish I came across a site that offered videos of the 'domme' crushing, amongst other things, a live tarantula spider, goldfish and crickets. The unfortunate crickets were also being burnt by cigarettes, pulled apart by their legs and nailed to trees.
One can view these pictures at (absolutely NO relation!)

I found this absolutely abhorrent - I could never harm a living creature, however humble. In my opinion she and her kind are a disgrace to my profession. What do you make of this particularly sick practice?

Mistress Chloe

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Re: Cruel Crushing#1

Well, for a start is unconsentual, doubt that the woman has skills to get an answer from the pooor creatures..........,and yes, these kind of ppl are the ones who give the general public the wrong idea about everything we do,only for profit....

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Re: Cruel Crushing#2

I would advise extreme caution, there have been recent high profile prosecutions involving crushing of mice, hamsters and kittens. They were caught/traced after pictures were posted on the internet.

Kind regards

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Re: Re: Cruel Crushing#3

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Re: Cruel Crushing#4

I totally agree you M chloe. This disgusting practice should be totally outlawed and prosecutions should be a lot more severe. Its not consensual, obviously, and we already have a cruelty problem here with animals anyway. What on earth is the matter with people?
Are they so bored that they have to invent even more outrageous practices against innocents to spice up they're unsatisfactory lives?
Paedophilia - child porn - animal abuse/torture for amusement, makes me ill.
If i ever witnessed any of this insane behaviour i will shop these nutters ASAP

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Re: Cruel Crushing#5

You know there is a lot of hypocracy around the notion of crush fetish and the creature lobbiests. Animals are killed and tortured everyday quite lawfully in labs and slaughterhouses yet people still buy meat and cosmetics. Some people enjoy fishing, shooting and other forms or hunting. The notion of getting enjoyment out of killing or watching creatures being killed is problematic for many people, but why should that be the case? Fox hunters enjoy themselves, bull fighters enjoy themselves, fishermen enjoy themselves but all these activities are potentially very cruel and stressful for the animals being killed. For this reason I'm concerned that crush fetish has just become a scape goat for animal fans while they choose to ignore wider animal welfare issues. I say if the rich can chase creatures around the country side with bloody intent then there is no reason why women dressed in high heels can't also display blood lust... When the hypocracy disappears then I would agree that this type of interest should be banned, until then there exists no moral or ethical argument that carries genuine weight.

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Cruel Crushing in 70's pointy collar shirt...#6

While blood sports and animal testing continue I will carry on killing animals for sexual fun...

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Re: Cruel Crushing in 70's pointy collar shirt...#9

I have never seen anything so vile and inhumane. I hope all the sick crushing torturing bastards rot in hell. Nasty perverts getting kicks out of torturing poor animals. It makes me feel sick knowing what depraved things go on.

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Re: Re: Cruel Crushing in 70's pointy collar shirt#10

crushing bugs such as snails,slugs and worms is fine but nothing else.

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Re: Cruel Crushing#12

SOunds scary

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