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A group of us have adopted Club L'Amour as our monthly fetish home. For me, it supplies what I want in a fetish club: comfort, relaxation, the chance to watch people having sex as well as doing BDSM scenes, and an air of quiet decadence that the bigger nightclubs lack.

In fact, it's not really a club at all. It's more like a house party, and the venue is the main reason why. Though awkward to get to - since it's in the wilderness of Purley Way, Croydon - it really is worth it. It's essentially a big flat, all on one level, on the first floor above a loft shop. The decor is fun - red curtains, gold statues of torsos attached to the wall, big squashy sofas and beanbags, and TVs showing porn (or in one case, for some reason, Tomb Raider). The music varies a lot, but is not loud enough to be intrusive unless you're in the bar/dancefloor area.

Features of the club include a paddling pool full of leather strips (big enough for about six people, we discovered, if they're friendly); a darkroom; a small dance floor; a good-sized semi-private bed; and a 'grope box' - a cubicle big enough for two or more people, with peepholes. As you will have gathered, this is very much a sex-positive club.

On the more directly BDSM side, the equipment is rather pretty, and seems to work very well, especially the silver tentacled thing that you can chain people to. There's a cage as well as various pieces of flogging equipment, and all of them seemed to get used at some point in the evening. The small size of the venue means that you can run the risk of getting hit by a backswing, but you can always go round the other way, and it didn't seem to be spoiling anyone's fun. More of an issue is the usual problem - single men with a limited understanding of club etiquette. The place is normally a swingers' club and perhaps the rules are different there. However, although women can run a risk of getting inappropriately stroked or chatted up a little too insistently, we've never had anything worse than that. I wouldn't say the problem was any worse than at most fetish clubs, and the atmosphere of the place made me almost forget it was a problem - it's so friendly that it's hard to feel threatened. And, though we've never needed to test it, I'm sure the club organisers would be quick to stamp down on anyone getting out of hand.

They sell only a limited number of tickets, so it's worth booking in advance, especially since the current price is 18 on the door as opposed to 14 for pre-booked places. We've never had a problem getting in though, and the limit on numbers stops the place getting overcrowded. The dress code is general fetish; they used to do monthly themes, but they seemed to have stopped that.

We started going to this club several months ago, and since then a group of us have gone to every event there - more of us every time as the word spreads. There's another club running at the venue, also a fetish club, which I'm keen to try as well sometime.

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Re: Club L'Amour#1

Glad you enjoyed youselves at l'Amour, you will have to introduce yourself next time...Just to let you know that themes are coming back, march will be 'The Pyjama Party'.
We always appreciate feed back from the patrons of our club, whether it be good or bad, all we can do is try and give you all an enjoyable evening..

look forward to seeing you at the next l'Amour - 15th feb

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Re: Re: Club L'Amour#2

Is this the same place as Acceptance?

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Re: Re: Re: Club L'Amour#3


I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Club L'Amour#4

Where is the club, how can I contact it?

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Re: Re: Club L'Amour#35

WIll try next time

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Re: Club L'Amour#5

As a single man, one of the things I most enjoy about going to fetish clubs is that there are opportunities to interact sexually in a variety of ways with complete strangers. Obviously nobody likes have someone's attention forced upon them. Why not use this site as a way of avoiding or at least lessening this problem?
You've mentioned that a group of you have been going to Club d'Amour and are obviously happy to meet new people who want to go there. As a single man who wants to meet women who are into playing with new people ( in the dungeon or the mattress areas / pool of leather etc. ) I could - and indeed will - contact your group via this site. Then we can arrange to meet, before or at the club, and then we can soon find out if we want to have some fun together or not. Any risk of me appearing from nowhere later and, however unintentionally, annoying you is immediately eliminated! Simple, huh?

I like this idea, do you? If so, let's talk more..

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Re: Club L'Amour#6

There is a place close to Stansted Airport that offers B&B to all us fetish people. They have a wonderfull dungeon with the most fantastic four poster bondage bed. They also cater for cross dressers and can provide a dressing service.
They also have a resident Domme should you naughty boys require. I also found to my delight they also offer a limited amount of parking and transfers to/from the airpot which i found to be a very convienent service and very well priced. They can also offer storage of clothes & things IE the sort of clothes & toys etc that might be a little embarrasing at customs.
There is a website although still under construction that shows some pics of the dungeon etc and of thier resident mistress who i think is a wonderfull lady and who made me feel very welcome and at ease. (the mistress)

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Re: Club L'Amour#36

Comfortable place

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