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Great News...........FIST is back!! at Imperial Gardens. Yes, that is right, seems that the powers that be were happy with our behaviour at the last FIST (our closing party) so if we keep that up we can carry on!!

Update: This event has been cancelled, according to email received from FIST today (18-01-2003).

Which means for now there will be no playroom or live shows and people will be searched for security reasons on the way in but hey it wasn't a problem at the last one.

So FIST will be on Saturday Feb. 8 10.00pm to 6.00am entry is 13 for non members 10 for members

FIST will be celebrating its 9th birthday on Saturday March 8th more info later

FIST will be on Satuday April 12th more info later

Of course the fight is not over yet as we still have to go to court in March but in the mean time lets party!!

DJ line up will be hard as ever and so will the dress code!!

More info to follow in a few days.

Thanks for all your support and for putting up a fight!!
Suzie xx

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Re: FIST is back#1

Victories for freedom are always to be applauded.


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Re: FIST is back#2

Great news. I'll be there.
Got a pleasant but pointless reply back from the Police when I asked them what they were up to and told them to allow FIST to open again. Didn't sound like they were about to cave so well done Suzie for opening up again so soon.
Off to sort out my boots now. By which I mean tramp through lots of mud and shit for someone to lick off.

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