Kinky Couples WantedRequest

Hi there. I work for Marie Claire magazine and am researching a feature called The New Dirty Weekends, about couples, who go abroad at the weekend, or for longer to fetish clubs.

It is really a straight forward article, celebrating couples who have a taste for sexual adventure!

It will involve an interview about your experience with you both, and also a photo shoot with a professional Marie Claire photographer, so being identified needs not to be an issue.

If you and your partner are interested, please contact Katy asap on 0207 261 7723 or email me at

Thank you.

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Re: Kinky Couples Wanted#1

You dont appear to have had many responses.
I dont think many people reading this are very impressed
with your description of sex as dirty.
If you wish to cater to the sort of Victorian reader
who thinks sex is dirty I suggest you use noticeboards
catering to ignorant petty bourgeois bottom smacking suburbanites sniggering smut consumers
in the repressive reaches of lower suburbia or wherever Sun readers
Dirty weekens!Really!
Sex is a beautiful thing..

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Re: Re: Kinky Couples Wanted#2

I would personally advise any sane, sensible swinger/fetish person to run a mile clear of these journalists and magazines.

They are in it to make money, to increase circulation and hence make more money, to promote their careers and hence make more money by appealing to the titilation of middle-aged housewives with boring, dull sex lives.

The UK fetish boards, in recent months, have been full of posts from various journalists, so-called writers and so-called TV producers, all wanting to write articles or make programmes about the fetish scene, about swinging or about anything other than the missionary position.

Not once has anyone of these 'people' offered a fee yet, as I state, they all aim to make money out of us.

Having worked in the TV industry I can assure you that 99.9% of journalists are the vainest, most self-centred, ambitious, money orientated people who are totally untrustworthy anywhere on the planet!

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Re: Re: Kinky Couples Wanted#5

we are a couple i like to lick womans arses and sticking my nose up there asses do you call this fetish

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Re: Re: Kinky Couples Wanted#7

Nice article

compression therapy

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Re: Kinky Couples Wanted#3

What a shame that both the replies, so far, lack that vital ingredient to anything: a sense of humour...'sex is a beautiful thing'...please get your head out of your arse. It can also be 'dirty' if you want it to be, and if journo's want to write about it, then fair enough. As Oscar Wilde said; 'the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about'. My partner and I go to fetish parties and enjoy getting off in front of other people and if anyone wants to refer to it as dirty then let 'em, 'cos it is, in a way, and that same extrovert desire to show-off makes me feel like contacting Katya, but you just know it's going to turn into the sort of hopeless, amateurish ooooh! isn't it wicked crap like the appalling 'Nether Regions' being shown on Carlton SW at the moment....and also I don't know what the neighbours might say!!!!

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Re: Re: Kinky Couples Wanted#4

Mellow cool people who regularly read this sparse
board have begun to notice of late a prescence.
A certain noisy presence.
This presence communicates with us by peppering
its diatribes with various disrespectful and derogotary phrases which can normally
be associated with the rhytm and culture of the
North Parts of England.
I do not know if this is some sort of gone awry side effect of
domination but if you would like the loan of
a bar of Dior 'Higher' Designer soap you are welcome.
Unfortunately the addition of an aggressive insult
every few words does make reading such posts a little
vexacious and somewhat tiresome.
Would it be possible to moderate your insulting online
of total strangers about whom you know nothing about?

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