Our first Fetish PartyReview: Event

Wow - Still buzzing nearly a week later. I'd like to say a big thankyou to Westward Bound for our first 'Late-x' party last Saturday. What an event! Despite us both being pretty outgoing types (!?) we were not sure if we'd enjoy it - however 4 hours later we knew we had found what we wanted.

To all those at the party we had the pleasure of chatting to - the guy that decide to ensure my partner REALLY enjoyed herself LOL and those that explained to us newbies exacltly how you stick that in there/shop you got it from/how you made it/what it did for you, thanks a million. If everyone could see what a community spirt and friendly bunch you all are we'd all be wearing our special outfits on the bus!

Thanks again!


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Re: Our first Fetish Party#1

Glad someone else enjoyed Westward Bound's fetish party as much as we did. It was my and my girlfriend's third visit to The Cooperidge and we push the bounds further each time: indulging ourselves and her 'bi' leanings... Shame we didn't meet. We've never really fallen into conversation with anyone before. It'd be good to exchange gossip/fondles/saliva (just kidding..kind of..) Was it your girlfriend who had one guy licking her and another two guys clamped to her breasts? That really turned us BOTH on!! I'd also like to say a BIG thank you to the lady with pink spiky hair in the bunny outfit who relieved the boredom of queuing for the cloakroom, at the end of the night, by slipping her hand down the front of my pvc trousers, and then got really embarrassed when my girlfriend spotted it! It was really OK! It put a smile on both of OUR faces. Afterall, it was a fetish party... PS: sorry it says 'anonymous' at the top of this, but my attempts to login properly failed...
PPS: we also enjoy wondering who of the other guests in the B&B went to the party...and the people walking on The Hoe...the fun just never ends!!

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Re: Re: Our first Fetish Party#2

Me and my girlfriend are thinking about going to a fetish party. We are only 20 and deeply into music. What sort of music is played and whats it like.

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Re: Re: Re: Our first Fetish Party#3

Anything from techno to house. You should definitely go along to an event. I am 20, my boyfriend is 30, and we are both right into it. If you are open-minded and friendly, I am pretty sure you will have a great time. I strongly reccommend Club RUB - on this Saturday at Dukes. Check out the website. Another good club is Wicked - although its members only - but that is one of my faves. Lots of heavy playing as well. Me and my man would be happy to show you the ropes (no pun intended) if you are a little shy! Lots of love, Princess. xx

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Our first Fetish Party#4


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Our first Fetish Party#5

Why don't you try getting in touch with the organisers? Brian and Caroline do 'Wicked' @ Tooley St, you can find their contact info on their website http://www.clubwicked.org/

Good Luck!

love, the Princess of Darkness XXX

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Re: Our first Fetish Party#6

do you know of anything going on in the midlands?

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Re: Re: Our first Fetish Party#7

Sure there is something going on every week end in the Midlands. We have REvelations,Velvet Eden, Rapture, Impulsion, THE GOTHIC INQUISITION, Compulsion @ Subway City and if you need something to wear or use at these parties there is the Fabulous Fetish Social @ The Birmingham Bazaar Bizarre the third Sunday of every month. Try joining one of the midlands based bdsm mailing lists. Bound 2Gether is a very good support group and information resource. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/b2g/
Good luck

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Re: Re: Re: Our first Fetish Party#9

I liked the vibe

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Re: Re: Our first Fetish Party#8

Hi,I wonder if someone can help,my hubby and I are looking at going to the WWB ball in november in plymouth,is anyone else going,Im very new to all this,my hubby has been into it longer than me.Can anyone let me know what it is like,music played and things like that.Thanks in advance.

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