Friday Night Detention @The Fringe, 21-02-2003Review: Event

Friday Night Detention at The Fringe Wine Bar and SM Venue was a cracking success. Non-stop spanking action from start to finish (if you like that sort of thing). Basically this event consisted of some 25-30 guys who turned up in grey schoolshorts and jumpers who attended three hours of 'classes' run by 6 or so female teachers who were strikingly beautiful and who energetically took turns to cane and spank the guys naked butts intermittently, whilst about another 50 folks watched or sat at the bar.

Yells of 'trousers down NOW', 'Right down', 'Right come here and bend over head down', 'What do naughty boys get?', 'You'll NEVER be rude to LADIES is that understood?', 'I'm going to smack you upon your BARE bottom in front of the lady to teach you.', 'Say Thank You.' etc etc could be delightfully heard ad infinitum from the rosy lips of the strict beauties for some 3 hours along with loud smacking and occassional loud howls from the PVC Nun in leopard pattern shoes and floral multi-coloured tights non-stop and by and large this part of the proceedings was very satisfactory.

The venue evetually became about half full but felt delightfully crowded at times. There's nowhere quite like this on the London scene at the moment. The events then progressed to the upstairs equipment room where further action continued nonstop until the early hours. This event was a success. As is the way with The Firm just when it seems things are at their darkest events comspire to produce another cracking evening. All the uusual Firm characters were there, Naughty Freddie, The Guys with the Bullwhips, Ishmael,Madame Von Richthofen, Madame Zak, et al. As is usual at all these events the female sub side was catered to and was thin but extremely high quality.In all about 6-7 Female subs were attendence all excellent with not a dissappointing bum amongst them.

Now thats the encouragement bit over on to the criticism! Well criticism neednt be nasty or negative and in delivering it the aim is not to drag The Firm down its simply a question of noticing things that if improved could make their events even better than they already are on to a higher plain of enjoyment!

1)The lighting in The Classroom area was very dark. There are probably good reasons for this or perhaps just little thought was given to it? Whilst the classes are underway the 'audience'does like to see whats going on.Sadly this was quite difficult in near pitch blackness or coloured disco lights.
2)The fact that all but one of the 25-30 masochistic pupils were guys begged the question where were all the Naughty Schoolgirls? This leads onto draw attention to the conspicuous absence of opportunities for the audience/newbies/male sadists etc to spank (girls), but only to be spanked (by girls). Oh well.
3)There wasnt any over the knee spanking in the classes that we could see.It was all handspanks or caning etc over desks.

Final verdict: Only for true enthusiasts. The Firm understands you. Excellent event with few real flaws that sent apathetic passive aggressives scurrying with shame. Something is always better than nothing is my motto! Cane on and all strength to their right hands!

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Re: Friday Night Detention @The Fringe, 21-02-2003#1

Look this was NOT a FIRM EVENT. It was run my by me PVC Kat with Freddie. Detention has nothing to do with the Firm. If you want to go on the mailing list for Detention then email me: I am Miss Mc Carthy.

THank you for your review. But honestly if you look at the flyers and the publicity you will note it was not RUN by the FIRM.

Detention is a new venture. Both myself and Freddie are proud and pleased that you enjoy the event so much but please amend your review. You can check the details by looking at the reviews and previews of Freiday Night Detention on the

Thank you

Miss Mc Carthy

And again if you want to know when the next Detention is email me at:

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Re: Re: Friday Night Detention @The Fringe, 21-02-#2

Hi there y'all,
OK OK.This event-Friday Night Detention was NOT
repeat NOT run by the leading London Fetish event
Organisers known as The Firm.
The crossover presence of many characters who are also
intimately connected to The Firm may have confused some
newbies and guests less in the know as to whos who
and whats what.
(And those who couldnt really give a toss whos running an event as long as theres some good smacked arses.)
Hope this very important point is now clear?

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Re: Re: Re: Friday Night Detention @The Fringe, 21#3

Well oh brave anonymous if you couldn't give a toss who runs an event why bother to come to it and why bother to review it?

If a load of Firm people turned up at TG or Subway or Wicked would the events then be reviewed as run by the Firm?

If you are going to do a review get your details right, if you don't you might as well start writing fiction.

Miss Mc Carthy

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Re: not the Firm#4

Thankyou for posting this correction. I don't think there's any need to alter the review now, as your comment correcting the mistake is right beneath it (and your comment wouldn't make sense if I edit the review to be correct). Are you happy for me to leave the review as it is, given that your correction sits right under it? Or would you still prefer me to edit it for accuracy?


I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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