I have been receiving quite a few calls about Absolution, and am trying to remove any doubt about the type of person that turns up to Absolution via this space. Although Absolution is run at a 'gay' venue, it is open to all people and in fact the majority of people that turn up are not gay nor should it matter if they were as most of the regulars just enjoy the fetish scene and have no worry on others sexual orientation.
I would also like to put to rest a few other issues that have arisen over the last few months. Absolution is a fetish night that welcomes you if you are into BDSM, Exhibitionism, Voyuerism, Swinging or just wearing some alternative clothing.
Absolution was started so that people new to the scene could find out what their preference is and take it further.
Since Len pulled out I have made a few changes, the most important is the music volume and the type of music played.
If people let me know what they like and they don't like, I can try and make changes accordingly, i.e. I have arranged for a professional fetish photoghrapher to be available in a seperate room to take photos of couples in their gear or in the dungeon (early evening only) as has been requested a on a few occaisions. I am also planning for a Twister board to be there. The next night (Midsummer Masked Ball) should be fun. Please do not judge our night if you have not been.
See the event listing for details of my next night on 25th June

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Re: Absolution#1

I came to your last event with friends and had an excellant time,this was the first event i'd been to in months after moving to the new city.
the music was great and was I quite surprised that we could hear each other talk as the music stayed at a reasonable level.
Looking forward to the next one and my friends are keen to go again

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Re: Re: Absolution#4

Yet another great night in july loads of new faces can't wait for this months.
It's a great night held monthly and everyone is alwys made welcome.
Good work Tony

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Re: Absolution#2

Ive had some excellent times at Absolution and met some good people. I like the changes now and after a short absense due to lack of funds will be back with a vengence at the Masked Ball.

Tony is right when he says its for everyone. You can wear what you like as long as its got an alternative/fetishy bias and the music is becoming more varied that last year. Don't worry about it being at a Gay venue as that's all upstairs and Absolution has its own door as well.

The dungeon is fun too! Go in there and have a look. Lets face it ... if you're tied to a cross, you probably want people to look at you anyway ... so go in ... learn something ... and maybe even try it out yourself.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Absolution to anyone from a beginner to a hardcore BDSMr ... go there, do pretty much what you want to do ... look at other people ... chat to them ... and just have fun!


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Re: Absolution#3

I came to last months absolution and what can I say it was great.The changes that have been made to the cellar bar are brilliant.
I noticed a couple of new faces and managed to catch with other friends on the scene.
Tony has made some fabulous changes to the lay out for the night which has improved the night a great deal which has help bring in new faces.
Good work Tony looking forward to this months


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Re: Absolution#5

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Re: Absolution#6

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Re: Absolution#7

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Re: Absolution#8

I really loved it here but are there any recent updates? Thanks

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Re: Absolution#9

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