Westward Bound LateX BallsRequest

Hey there! My partner and are seriously thinking about going to the next Westward Bound Ball in the autumn (we were too late in buying a ticket for the summer Ball!).

It'll be our first fetish party and our first time wearing fetish clothes outside of the house, so I have a few questions.

Do people arrive in street clothes and then get changed into their outfits once at the party? If they leave in their outfits how do people get on in returning to their hotels? Any funny looks? Any suggestions on what to wear? Oh, and finally (and more importantly) what's it like at the LateX Balls?

I would really appreciate any comments! Thanks

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If you search for 'westward bound' or 'latex ball' using the on-site search box (near the bottom right of the page) you'll find several articles similar to this one - hopefully the comments will help you too.

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Re: Westward Bound LateX Balls#2

Been to a few events there...

Some get changed there. I usually put something over what I'm wearing. A lot of people just turn up dressed, and there are usually a whole bunch of 'interesting' people outside the venue as you arrive - if you're a little timid, then that's a good start to make you feel more comfortable.

By closing time, absolutly no one cares! It's 2am, and the streets are pretty quiet. Last time a guy was standing on the street corner in nothing but a leather thong, hailing a taxi! Just put a coat over, and you'll be fine.

The Latex balls are a big 'dress up' event - good fun. It's been noted a few times, that the stuff going on in corners sometims spills over bit. I haven't seen that as a problem at the LB's. However I was at their 'Underground' event last month, and felt it could do with a bit of 'policing'. I don't care what people get up to (in fact the more the better!), but quite a few middle aged single guys were being pests.

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