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I had a really good time at the last Erotic Eden, partially due to the company i was with but heh, that's another story. There were some minor hiccups on their first night, but overall a very good event. I was very much looking foreward to going to the event on the 25th, but I now have some concerns and reservations.

I was fairly shocked to see a fetish event in the whats on area of The Watford Observer. When we (Watford Munch) had our little 'expose', Rick and Tony of the Load Of Hay demanded that our phone number and web address were not printed. The paper obliged and as it happens wrote quite a positive article. This article is different. It explains dress code, location and includes a phone number for booking. Also a picture of a scantily clad lady with a snake. Erotic Eden have also advertised in Ann Summers shops, and god knows what else. Possibly local papers in St Albans and Luton.

You may take the view that this could open up people to fetish who otherwise would not go to a munch or club, and that is a valid point, however there are other considerations. At the first Erotic eden, there were were 5 guys dressed as Nazi's who obviously had nothing to do with the scene who, mocked laughed, and made fun of the fetish community. They had probably gone to a hire shop, done just enough to meet the dress code, and gone in to watch the freaks! This is unfortunate, and could happen at any club with an open door policy. However, to advertise to the public at large is just asking for trouble, in my opinion.


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It would seem to me that advertising events to the public is what event promoters are supposed to do. They have to attract people, to make their event profitable, so that they can keep running it.

Obviously a good door policy is then required, along with suitable enforcement of the same, to make sure any event runs smoothly. In my personal experience, small events which are strict about dress code requirements from relatively early on tend to turn out to be the best events... those which take a more casual attitude to the dress code requirements often become more of a mild fancy dress party than a full fetish night.

This wouldn't address the problem you mentioned with the guys who'd got themselves uniforms, but I think that level of preparation is probably very unusual in the type of person who just wants to gawk. Personally I'd say the proper way to deal with those particular guys would probably be to have them removed on the night, when a customer complains about their conduct, and prevent them from coming back to subsequent events. Did you discuss them with the people running Erotic Eden last time? If so, what did they say?

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