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Online sex toy retailer LoveHoney.co.uk is advertising what could be the most unusual job ever. The company is searching for a sexually active couple who will be prepared to test a new pill designed to change the taste of semen.

The pill, which is taken as a twice-a-day for 30 days, claims to mask the traditionally salty taste of male ejaculate with a refreshing apple-like flavour. Successful applicants will take the pill for 30 days and will use an online blog to provide a blow-by-blow account of how the taste of their partner's sexual fluid changes.

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Re: Oh Cum All Ye Faithful?#1

Surely the woman just spits out the semen when required, end of, who cares about making your spunk flavoured?

I dont think I would want to take a pill that made me apple flavoured or any other for that matter.

Just stick to normal lotions and potions, http://www.adultworlddirect.com/Lotions-&-Potions-cat-18/Index.html

Very strange, but hey, im no woman, they know best I suppose

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