Kinkfest 3: July 28/29News

For its third outing, Kinkfest will be even bigger and better than before. It will now be spread over two days and will take up the whole of London's largest venue, SeOne. There will be even more opportunities to try out new things; from bondage to medical play, from how women can achieve female ejaculation to ageplay.

This year will see a female-to-male barber shop open its doors alongside the ever popular male-to-female boudoir.

The Community area will be packed with groups representing the diverse sections of the community including: The Spanner Trust, SM Dykes and the Sexual Freedom Coalition.

The stage will be filled with Cabaret acts on the Friday night and amazing displays of whipcrackery as well as community action from speakers from the Spanner Trust and Backlash.

The comperes throughout will be Matt Fraser and vampire poetess Rosie Lugosi and the fun will include a fashion show featuring some of the leading names from Britain's leading fetish labels, a Kinky version of the weakest link as well as shows from Switch Theatre, stars of the Circus of Horrors, Je la Ra and the Unholy Trinity.

The playground will be twice as large with opportunities to try out and learn about bondage, impact play and medical play.

There are dozens of stalls selling everything from adult baby wear to leather goods, from latex clothes to jewellery. The perfect place to buy a gift or splash out on yourself.

As always, Kinkfest -- organised by Unfettered -- aims to celebrate and defend the diverse sexualities of the BDSM and Fetish community. Its aim is to welcome all adults inclusive of colour/race/ability/sexuality and class. We seek to help those who practise BDSM/Fetish to be strong and happy in their choices and to bring about a more open and positive view of BDSM and Fetishism both within its own community and outside it.

at SEOne, Weston St, London Bridge, SE1 3QX

Tickets will be available from...

* Phone 08445872330
* Fettered Pleasures, Fairy Gothmother, Breathless, Coffee Cake & Kink as well as a club, munch or fet fair near you.

Advance Tickets (more on the door):
Friday 5
Saturday day 10
Party 15
Weekend pass 25

Concessions half price.

Early bird discount for tickets bought by the end of May.

As always we are grateful to our generous sponsors, which so far include Fettered Pleasures, Infernal Mechanix, Informed Consent, the London Alternative Market, the London Fetish Fair, LondonFetishScene, Playpenz, Pumphouse, The Edge, Roissy Workshops and Club Subversion.

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Re: Kinkfest 3: July 28/29#1

On the door tickets will cost:

12 day 18 party 30 weekend pass

where can you get tickets:

on-line at:

by phone: 08445872330

By post:

cheques payable to Unfettered Limited to Unfettered PO Box 303 Loughton IG10 9AS

Also From Fettered Pleasures, FairyGothmother, Breathless, Coffee Cake & Kink as well as a club, munch or fet fair near YOU!

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