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Though I mostly work with individuals, couples and organised groups, I am considering putting together a Hypnosis Fetish Party night, most probably in or around London, perhaps near to one of the main airports for easy access for all.

For those who are not familiar with 'hypnofetish', suffice it to say if you can think of it, it can be experienced (and as intense as you can imagine). It is particularly of interest to people who interested in (or are) bdsm, submissive, wishing to remove inhibitions or just plain looking for something new.

It is not essential that all taking part as in hypnosis, but it would certainly be great to hear from people who have done deep hypnosis before, as in erotic hypnosis, or have successfully taken part in a stage hypnosis event.

It does not have to be London exclusively, just seemed the most obvious locations. I can tell you know the event wont be free given costs involved etc. and once I have a broad idea of how many would attend, then I can work something out, and figure how best to go about it.

For those intersted who would be a good idea to tell me if you would prefer this before or after the new year. Of course if you are interested in sexual hypnosis, but would prefer something a little more private, then do let me know.

Contact details are on the website, of course it is a serious website, there are no 'graphic images' etc it is just to get straight to the point, and those taking part must be over 18.


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I'm interested that there's no info on the website about safety, ethics, membership of professional bodies, etc etc etc. While the idea is intriguing, the potential for disaster seems huge to me. Does anybody here have experience of this kind of play?

I'm one of the admins here on ukfetish.info...
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Re: Safety?#2


The original site used to have tonnes of info which basically made it look untidy or ended up on other sites.

As for the safety element, that works both ways. Long story short, many go out drinking at weekends, get up to all sorts, but no-one really questions safety, ethics and all the rest.

Yes I am a professional hypnotist, and one of the main points of the event is that you do not need to get drunk or take drugs 'to have a good time'. I guess the easiest way to put it is similar to that of attending a swingers party. It is up to each individual or couple to also take responsibility of their actions, nothing can ever be 100% guaranteed.

Yes of course people should ask questions if they have any concerns. From my perspective the key question is are you or are you not interested. If not, then fine. If yes, then we can take things from there.

Normally what would happen prior to any session (individual, couples or groups) is that there is an opportunity for the participant(s) to do some preparation work, and for ourselves to introduce each other. I would ask if they have any health issues that I should be aware of and all the rest. However it still comes down to the same thing, nothing can be absolutely guaranteed, and it is obviously in my best interests for things to go well and for everyone to return again sometime in the future.

I would certainly agree that there are some people out there in various 'fetish industries' who do not take the welfare of their clients on board, and are just there to take the money. This places me in a chicken and egg situation because until people come onto sites like this and give honest appraisals about my hypnosis fetish events, of course there is always going to be an element of unknowing of what is fact. Therefore I need to do an event to prove myself, and see what happens from there.

But trust and safety is required from both sides, and I think that is something that everyone would agree to. As mentioned, I think the best mindset one can have for a hypnosis fetish event is similar to attending a swingers party for the first time. There are many misconceptions about hypnosis, but I can tell say for the following to alleviate concerns, firstly no-one is taking drugs, getting seriously drunk, losing control and so forth. Long story short, the participant can stipulate their boundries.

Plus it is good fun.

Hope this helps,

All the best

Master Hypnotist

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