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Hi everyone. We used to run a website and traded under the name The Substation about 6 years ago. Due to changes in circumstances we stopped trading, and have lost touch with everyone. I am hoping there may be some people who remember us and possibly want to contact us as we are selling off all our stock at very good prices. Please contact us if you are interested
Thank You

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Re: The Substation#1

Hi I might be interested in buying some stuff from you. I own a sex shop in Kilmarnock called LOVELUST. If you let me know what items you got and the prices, that would be great.

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Re: The Substation#2

Hi, we have just opened an Adult Fetish Auction site, have a look.

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Re: Re: The Substation#3

Is the stock still available?
Checked out the new auction, you only got one product?

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Re: The Substation#4

Hiya we were in the same boat, used to trade under xxxfetishclothing

have now restarted as Latex, Leather and Lace, looking good so far

Latex, Leather and Lace - Fetish and Alternative Clothing

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Re: The Substation#5

Datex, then new Latex?

for anyone thats into Latex fetish wear, this is definitely worth a read

Datex is a new material made from Latex bonded to an elasticated backing sheet, easier to wear, stronger, and you can even machine wash it

Latex just got easy......

check it out...... Datex Fetish Wear and Clothing

Latex, Leather and Lace - Fetish and Alternative Clothing

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Gay Chat Rooms#6

We have just started new gay chat site in the UK called: and would be very interested in purchasing these domains. I have emailed you but have had no reply. Please could you contact me via the above site.

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