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Welcome to FetBay Adult Fetish Auctions List all your items Free on FetBay We are an Adult Fetish Auction Site looking for high quality items and are offering free listings for all items listed in the next 12 months. We are active on the Fetish Scene and realised there was a niche for a well run Adult Fetish Auction Site offering high quality fetish BDSM Adult items. FetBay works just like other popular Auction sites, but We are introducing new ideas to fetish auctions by using networking sites like Twitter & Facebook to advertise feature items, this is updated on a regular basis. We also use Auctions Auto Extension, which means your Items auction end time, will be automatically extended by 5 mins, if someone bids in the last 30 seconds of the auction lifetime. We feel this is much fairer on sellers as items are more likely to reach a realistic final bid price.

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