Permanent Depilation - updateReview

This is a follow-up to the original article about the Epilight permanent depilation technique...

It's now been one year since the Epilight treatment was started, which was 6 sessions at two month intervals. Although at first they didn't treat all the labia, (mainly because I think we were pioneering this idea of total depilation with them) by the last session they were doing the whole lot, and so to some extent the results reflect that.

The treatment has produced a very very smooth and hairless mound and upper labia, no traces of hair at all, and it's permanently smooth in all directions, unlike with shaving. If you look very very closely there is occasionally the odd very fine silky strand, maybe, but nothing like the coarse dark hair there before. This can easily be plucked or waxed off.

It stays that way all the time!

The lower hidden part of the labia does still have some hair, but as we still have one treatment 'in the bank' for a later date, that will be done again. It's always been softer there anyway.

Was it worth doing? Yes, absolutely. There is nothing better than knowing it's smooth all the time with no preparation. It looks and feels great all the time and is a great encouragement to more play, and both of us are thrilled with the end result.


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