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Its now about 72 hours since i had my Prince Albert piercing and i have to say that its been considerably less trouble than i expected, in fact, its all gone relatively smoothly. If anything the experience has been relatively anticlimactic so far - and <smile> i recognise there is a double meaning to that statement, as i haven't climaxed since the PA was installed.

Backing up a bit i should probably say at the outset that this isn't something that was just decided on, on the spur of the moment. Mistress and i have talked about a genital piercing for me since the very first days we were together, although initially i think the intent from LadyLinda's perspective possibly had more to do with keeping me off balance and apprehensive than an actual requirement of my submission to Her. So, on and off, over the years we have been together the subject has come up, often as not Mistress would tease me about getting some bodily part or other pierced.

Earlier this year we made the first breakthrough when i had my nipples pierced. That was a relatively straightforward decision for me in that i didn't have particularly sensitive nipples prior to them being pierced and if things did not go well then i could view it as no real loss, an experiment that didn't work. i had done a fair amount of research on the subject consisting of a combination of web research and talking to people in the scene with piercings and therefore i knew that it was possible, indeed likely, that my nipples would become more sensitive. i wasn't prepared, however, for the quite extraordinary change in their sensitivity that did result.

i'm not sure who was more apprehensive before the nipple piercing, myself or LL, what i remember clearly is reminding myself to breathe as i took off my T-shirt and got settled on the table. My nipples were shaved, cleaned with an alcohol-based liquid and marked with a pen indicating where the needle would penetrate. That's the last i remember of the preparations because at that point LadyLinda held my hand tightly and clasped my face into her breasts (mmmm? yum!) as the needle went through the first nipple. It was a sharper pain than i expected and i think i yelped. An 'oh fuck' or words to that effect may well have escaped my lips. i was breathing quite heavily by this time and i could actually feel the adrenalin pumping through my body. The second nipple was worse, in the sense that i knew what was going to happen and how much it was going to hurt, and probably tensed up for it more than the first one. Having said that it's all over fairly quickly, the jewellery was in and then the nipples were covered with bits of gauze taped to my chest. Actually the worst bit of the entire experience was probably taking off the gauze later that night as i have a reasonably hairy chest and it %^#*£$ hurts when those little suckers get pulled out.

We were taken through the aftercare issues and soon afterwards were walking down the street in the direction of the local supermarket. i can remember clearly that i felt incredibly submissive. My legs felt a bit wobbly and we sat on a bench and i curled up in LadyLinda's arms and She held me tightly. At that moment i just needed to be taken care of, to know that i was loved and owned. i also felt incredibly proud of having gone through that for Her.

My nipples bled slightly the first night and that was it. They do take quite some time to heal and even today they still crust a bit which can be a little painful if the rings get moved before you clean them. Everything i have read indicates that it can take up to a year for nipple piercings to heal fully. The upside begins almost immediately though. The night after the piercings LadyLinda ran the merest tip of her fingernail over one my nipples and i was squirming immediately. Even though we have been careful not to play with them much to date whilst we await them healing fully She has had a great deal of fun with them ever since. One of the other interesting sensations is experienced when i'm driving the car and i can feel cold air from the air conditioning blowers run up my sleeves and across my chest. i'm sure the ladies who have experienced this effect will understand when i say woooo hooooooo!!!

Ever since then i had been steadily preparing myself for the past weekend and getting my Prince Albert. i know that there were days when i just could not have summoned up the courage to go through with it. At other times i felt a bit blasť about the whole idea. i spoke to a wide range of people about the subject. i went to a private dungeon party and one of the attendees offered to do the piercing as part of a scene where LL would actually push the needle through, at the time we just weren't ready for that (which in retrospect is a shame). After talking it through with one of my best friends i even posted to some of the internet groups i am a member of asking about the downside of getting a PA just to make sure i took a balanced view of the risks. i think what always stood out in my mind was what would / could i do if things went wrong with the PA piercing. We are talking about a rather important piece of equipment here after all! That last thing i wanted to contemplate was depriving Mistress of a part of myself that brings Her such pleasure.

In the end i think the thinking about it and talking about it was getting to me. It just needed it to happen and be done with. So last Saturday morning Mistress and i went to the local piercing shop. Preparations were much quicker for the PA than for my nipples as there is no shaving involved. One thing i knew was going to happen was that a local anaesthetic would be applied and so it was. A q-tip was inserted in my urethra to open it up and the anaesthetic applied internally. After a few minutes the q-tip was wiggled inside my urethra and i could barely feel it, whereas the feeling when it was first inserted was quite irritating.

At this point i was gathered into Mistress's arms again and pressed into her breasts (mmmm? yum!). And?? nothing!. The piercer said "that's it" and i was frankly amazed. No pain whatsoever! i knew i had been touched but i certainly didn't feel the needle penetrating as such. A minute or so later and the jewellery was in. A wad of tissues was wrapped around the head of Mistress's cock and then the piercer pulled his glove off still holding the tissues and ran it down and over my penis and the glove held the tissues in place? at least until i stood up when the whole arrangement immediately fell onto the floor?. at which point we all fell about laughing. Fortunately i was pre-prepared with a sanitary pad which was soon in place and having run through aftercare issues we were once again strolling in the sunshine.

At the moment there really is little else to report. Having a pee the first time after the piercing was an interesting experience, in the sense that it stung a little but since then i have had no problem. i have even managed to pee standing up (at work) without much collateral peeing on the floor or down my trouser leg via the piercing.

i have had no bleeding since waking up the morning after the piercing and the healing seems to be going quite well. i did have a bath the day after and cleaned the area gently but thoroughly.

i have also not managed to have an erection or an ejaculation since the event so, if everything is i have read is to be believed, the best is yet to cum <smile>.


owned and loved by LadyLinda

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Hey Mark. I thought that was you.

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from bill the dog well done and whats it like now

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just a quick note to anyone in the yorkshire area, there is a superb shop opened in scarborough called j.b.bodyart who is a specialist in piercings. has done a great job off my prince albert and has many happy customers including my wife who had her clit pierced and both nipples by him.. its probably the only place that i would ever recommend anyone and he was highly recommended by one of my mistress friends who has several genitalia piercings including a princess alberta 100% recommended.. im sure he will love the free advertisment... call him and book an appointment 07876370667

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I also thought that!

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I heard that it was expensive?.A premier trucking company near you.

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Woah! That was cool. I'm doing a plaster repair and don't have much time to get a piercing appointment but still planning to get one soon. Best regards!

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Great blog !! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned.

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You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!

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