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Some of you in the chat rooms will have heard me asking questions about an 'Eroscillator' in the past week and, in recent weeks, seen my posts here asking about vibrator recommendations. Anyhow, the Eroscillator arrived this
morning and here, so far, are the initial thoughts on it.

Ordering the Eroscillator was somewhat confusing here in the UK. For a start a variety of UK sex-aid websites claim to sell the Eroscillator but, upon closer examination, the pictures of the 'Eroscillator' that many claim to sell looks nothing at all like the one on the manufacturer's website at

Unfortunately, you cannot order the Eroscillator directly from the US which is a pity but.... Undaunted, and through the help of various people in this NG and online elsewhere, I managed to find two UK websites that appeared to sell it.

The Eroscillator comes in two models - the Plus 2 which has 4 heads/2 Attachments and the Deluxe which has 6 heads - according to the manufacturers website anyhow. The issue of heads/attachments quickly becomes confusing when looking at the UK sites. Ideally, I would have liked to have ordered the Deluxe model but...

I went to and saw the Eroscillator on sale for 59.95. Problem is, the photo shows 4 heads yet the blurb says it only comes with 2 heads. This was further confused by the fact that the photo they show on their site shows the heads that come with the
Deluxe model. Initially, I rang them up but, unfortunately, they could not tell me what it was exactly they were selling and left me no wiser.

I then went to and saw it on sale there for 65.95 and the blurb says it comes with 4 heads but... the photo they show of it looks slightly different to the models shown on the US Eroscillator
site at

Apparently, the newer models have an ergonomic ribbed shaft, (don't laugh!), but the photo at shows a different, more smoother shaft. I tried phoning and emailing to find out what version they are selling but I could not get a reply.

As I could not find any other suppliers I was left with a choice of which of the above two UK sites to order from and decided to go with ordering one from Less than a week later the Eroscillator arrived this morning and here are the initial thoughts upon it.

Firstly, the packaging is such that the Eroscillator, attachments and power supply were all neatly packaged in a small box which bore the same logos and marketing images as seen on the which was reassuring once I had removed this from the jiffy bag. Speaking of which, Superia did a superb job in sending through the Eroscillator, this is the first time that I had ordered from them, in a plain, well-padded jiffy bag with the ends
securely sealed with brown packing tape.

Inside the Eroscillator package the Eroscillator itself was wrapped in shrink-wrapped plastic and stickers on it warned that they would not accept the Eroscillator back if this plastic was removed. A good health tip and a minor detail worth knowing if anyone else chooses to order one. I was
pleased to see that the Eroscillator was in fact the ribbed shaft variety as seen on the website - i.e. appeared to be the latest model.

It also turned out to be the Eroscillator Plus 2 model as, next to the Eroscillator, there was in the box two plastic attachments. Now, here the uncertainty of the heads versus attachments, as seen on the website at, was finally solved. Basically, you get, with the Plus model, two attachments - i.e. two pieces of plastic that look like the disposable toothbrushes you get for electric toothbrushes, which snap onto the Eroscillator itself. Each one of these attachments has two heads. In other words, they have simply moulded the ends of the attachments to each have two different shaped bits, or heads, at 180 degrees opposite each other. The photos of this can look confusing and can imply that you get 4 heads with each Eroscillator but, in reality, you basically get 2 heads on two attachments although each head has a dual function.

The heads, despite the picture on the Superia site, were those of the Plus model and NOT the Deluxe model so you don't get the beady looking head shown. Superia's site says that you can order extra heads but when I questioned their Sales people on this they were not aware of which ones you
could order, although they were aware that you could order them. The Eroscillator comes with a standard US 2-pin plug socket/adapter but a UK convertor - i.e. a plug akin to those shaver plugs - was included also and a pleasant surprise as this saved having to go buy one, especially if you are in a hurry.

A number of leaflets and marketing blurb are also contained in the Eroscillator package and a short manual on how to use it - as if you people don't know - which seemed to be aimed at those who are, how can I say this, perhaps not as liberated as those of us who read this NG. I think, in the US anyhow, the Eroscillator is marketed mainly at women who are not orgasmic by themselves and/or with their partner and, hence, this device is aimed at helping them overcome this.

And that, so far, is it...


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