Watch fetish morris dancers on TVRequest

If yourself or anyone else is interested in going to the Bristol Fetish Emporium on 9th December, we'll be going there on a day trip to film a group of fetish morris dancers. We are keen to film people watching their performance, and in maybe carrying out short (ie 5 min) interviews with people on the day, about their fetish/lifestyle/pleasure seeking etc, taking care not to film anyone in the background who hasn't consented to taking part in the documentary.

We may also be filming 'sm boxing' if you are interested in seeing what that's all about!

All the best
Emma Piquemal
Granada Media

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As the organisers of the BFE we just wanted to clarify a few points which may or may not be of concern...

Firstly there will not be any filming during the day at the public event or at the evening party, The Morris dancers will be performing twice once during the afternoon for the entertainment of all at which no filming will take place and the second performance is scheduled for after the 5pm market close and before we reopen for the party it will be in a separate dedicated room which is open if anyone wants to go in and watch the additional performance but the door will be manned at all times and all who wish to go into the room and watch will be made aware that there are camera's in operation in this particular room only. All filming will be done in this room and this room alone. No camera's will be allowed at the venue until the 5pm close and the filming will have completed by the time the dungeon is set up and ready for use. This has been discussed with the crew and agreed.

We have made the necessary arrangements with the film crew who were very obliging and who understands the nature of filming at such events to ensure that No filming takes place in any public areas or during any public time for your peace of mind This has been done so that you may all know that there is no chance of anyone being caught on camera. We have personal recommendations for the film crew who we are assured work to the highest standard and take every care when filming at such events of which they have filmed at many.

If you have any questions then please feel free to email us or you can call direct on 0776 9515 723

We are very much looking forward to the December event which is going to be our best event so far. Feel free to check out our website for all the info and lots more.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 9th.

The BFE Team

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Oh dear#2

Um, this is very disturbing and I think we will now cancel our visit to the BFE this week and probably also in the future. I say this for two reasons...

Firstly, many of these types of programmes are made by very ambitious TV people who know, legally, that the law does not stop anyone being filmed in the UK. Basically, you can film whoever you want and if they object there is very little that they can do about it. I have no doubt that the crew will be chatting to visitors trying to get them to appear on camera? What if their intention is an expose documentary and are only using the fetish morris dancers as a 'way in'? What if clandestine filming takes place? The risk of people's lives and careers being wrecked is just not worth it for some fleeting publicity for the BFE!

I am now very concerned about 'CUT-AWAY' shots being filmed of people entering and leaving the venue which, so I believe, often happens in this kind of programme. How will any of us know, or rather not know, that a camera crew, positioned some distance from the venue, is using a long lens to film such cut-aways?

Secondly, there used to be a fetish club in Bristol, I believe it still runs, which once, upon attending with friends, we were horrified to discover that 'friends' of the organiser, who wished to break into the media, were actually filming the event for their own 'documentary'.

I mention this as there does seem to be a culture in Bristol, nothing wrong with this, of people who are very keen to get jobs working up at Whiteladies Road in the BBC Film Unit, or in Television in general, and Bristol, moreso than London it seems to me, has a tendency to allow cameras into these events...

I think the BFE organisers have made a bad mistake here and I suspect that many visitors who are not on the Internet will be shocked seeing a film crew setting up at the venue.

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Once again reasurance time#3

There is no need to panic this is a very carefully controlled event and as one of the organisers you are reasured that you shall not be filmed if you do not wish to.

This film crew are those who are doing the Pleasure Seakers program and are not out for scandal it is a pro adult Intrest theme and repeat there will NOT be any filming done during the Market hours.

It is self contained and done in a seperate room with closed doors between the hours of 5.00 to 6.30pm during the change over of market to party.

The doors will have signs on informing persons that filming is in progress.

There will be no interviews carried out with out express permision of one the person in question and two us the organisers.

I have canceled puting MY stall up on the day so that I can personaly be on hand to ensure that this will be carried out to the letter.

As an organiser of this event we have two problems in order to make this sucessful we need to get out to people who are not on the web.

If we dont get the support from you the community the traders wont attend if the traders dont attend then why should you come ( chicken and egg ).

Trust us we have the angles covered and if you require any further info may I suggest that people ring me 0776 95 15 723 get the correct information b4 posting scarey postings on the web..

There is also a possibility that these anonymous posting may be designed as a way of sabbotageing the event as there have now been four attempts of discreditation by chiness whispers on the organisers of other events in the south/south west!

It is getting a bit suspect.

Get your answers from the horses mouth ME 0776 95 15 723.

Regards MasterPhil

BDSM is Trust, BDSM is Caring, BDSM is Life as Blood is to our bodies.

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The BFE is not far from me so I do hope it becomes a success. It will save me the tedious task of driving to London or Birmingham. But I do think that people voicing genuine concerns is no reason to lump them in with whoever it is who has tried to sabotage your event in the past. Why would anyone want to sabotage such a thing anyway?

People involved in the Scene for several years know all too painfully how some of our fetish friends and contacts have had their lives wrecked by the media.

The Bridge in Birmingham only a few years back had a nasty expose with photos clandestinly taken.

A school teacher from South Wales had her life made a complete misery by an expose of her in a tabloid at a fetish event in Weston. I may be wrong but I believe she had to leave her post.

I hear that a club in Newport was also a recent victim of the media.

People who are aware of such things will naturally be concerned and show reluctance when they hear cameras will be at any fetish related event.

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In reply to this I am not saying that all posting are classed as the above subject but allow me a moment to clarify why I have made this statment.

A certain person phoned me regarding a visit to a venue in the south informing me not to go there as a friend of thiers had informed them that there was to be an unwelcome intrusion on the night by certain authorites.

I knew of the organisers and informed them of the impending doom, Oh sugar that serious!

It was decided that the only way to put this to bed and put minds at rest was to approach the authorities in question and ask them out right. This was done and from reliable sources we discovered that the whole story was a total fabrication.

Question!!! Where did this rummour start? More important why did this rummour start? Who planted the seed?

A simple answer had to be chiness whispers but then as we all know News of the world had a go at another club!

WHY? how did they know?

Our suspicions are justified even if we are a bit parranoid!

The organising of events is not an easy task and we take on a lot of responsbility in order to bring these to completion we put ourselves on the firing line both by reputation and financialy!!

And as a final note BDSM is not illegal there are a few aspects that may get you into trouble but these are extremes as for being dissmissed from your jobs this is an unlawfull act as it is discrimination. If any person finds themselves in this catagory I would advise them to contact SM Pride and also the Spanner Organisation who will willingly fight for thier rights.

Regards MasterPhil 0776 95 15 723

BDSM is Trust, BDSM is Caring, BDSM is Life as Blood is to our bodies.

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Morris dancing at BFE ~grin~#8

i must admit, the thought of fetish morris dancers did make me smile.
Anyway, remembering back to 2 months ago? Rumours got out that there would be reporters at the BFE and panic spread very quickly. i was one of the panic stricken. i was saying i wouldn't go, i couldn't risk my job, my life etc.
Then i spoke to a very good friend, also in the scene, who said 'is it really any worse than being seen going into ANN Summers in the high street?'
And you know, she had a point. OK so the toys and equipment is more 'hard core' not to say a darned sight better made and cheaper too!!! But the principle is just the same, they sell whips, cuffs, lingerie, uniforms, vibrators, butt get the picture. But nobody bats an eyelid if they see you going in. I even took my mum in with me once!!!
I guess what i'm trying to say is that going to a 'fetish' fair doesn't automatically mean you are in the scene or that you are a perv. It could just mean that you are curious about whats on sale, and are looking to spice your sex life up. Who could frown on that? So be realistic, if you are seen, and if you do accidently appear on TV (though i'd trust the organisers when they say you won't) then give a wink and say your buying for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girfriend as a naughty present.
Hope this makes sense, its been a long day ~grin~

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Dancers @ BFE#10

I have been abroad working so have arrived at this debate late.

I may be missing the point but would ask, if no filming is being dont at the BFE, during the BFE etc why arnt these dancers performing in a studio with an invited audiance? why do the film crew need to be at an event like this???
Having seen other * angencies* do almost anything for the story as its kinky it * must be of public interest and or concern* etc

I fully understand the concerns of those who are making noises re * outing* exposure and such like, despite the Human Rights Act now passing into law its easier to watch and buy Hard core Porn than live the lifestyle you wish and retain your job, wspecially if your a teacher , nurse, doctor, cop or work for Local / National governments or Multi National Right wing organisations



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Dancers @ BFE#11

Why the dancers haven't hired a room? ... I would suggest that you ask Alex Jacob on the day and get it straight from the horse's mouth as I am not one to make statement without knowing. We at the BFE endeavour to provide some top class entertainment and workshops. We see this as an opportunity to entertain the people attending our event with a fun and unique show in exchange for allowing the dancers a private room at the end of the day for 1 hour 30 mins.

We appreciate all concerns and take everyones view into consideration. We are all lifestyle here and are doing our best to provide the community with a great event and meeting place. We have stated and attempted to reassure over and over our security procedure the fact that the film crew will be permanently chaperoned while on the premises and the agenda for the filming, however it would appear that it matters not how many respected individuals have confirmed the credibility of this film team and given references or how much we the organisers try to stress that there will be no public filming of any kind. At the end of the day it is a persons choice to attend. We have stated fact and truth about media in the past and while there were those who were still adamant press were going to be present at our October event at the end of the day they were wrong. We stated what was going to happen (basically no press would be in attendance at our Oct Event) and that is EXACTLY what happened there was no press and no coverage or even interest from the press of any kind.

This is not general media press who are out for a kinky story on anyone they can catch on camera this is a dedicated film crew who purely want to film the dancers in an additional performance for a documentary about the dancers.

I will assume that from your remarks you will not be attending the BFE this weekend as you obviously have issues with this and seem unwilling to believe in the BFE Team.

For those of you who will be attending we look forward to seeing you on what promises to be a great day of fun. Despite rumours and obvious remarks about concerns which will no doubt continue and probably in some area's be blown completely out of proportion as they have been in the past we feel we have now fully covered this issue, not only ourselves, but others and the film crew themselves. We stand by our decisions as in this instance we know there to be no risk to anyone attending.

For those of you who are looking forward to seeing the Dancers NON FILMED performance in the afternoon they will be performing between 1-3pm at present it is not confirmed if the Extravaganza of a fashion and product show that we are also holding will be before or after the dancers performance but all shows will be held between 1-3pm.

Once again we look forward to seeing you all there and thank you for your continued support of the BFE.

The BFE Team

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Dancers @ BFE#12


please DO NOT put or add words I didnt use
I will be taking our booked stall @ BFE
I aksed what I considered to be a serious question, if this * dedicated* film crew, have no interest in filming at BFE, or filming those attending BFE, why are they there? why are they not filming the Dancers either in a studio or a hall, with an invited audiance?

I am curious as I see no point in the crew being at BFE

I have added belatedly comments to this debate started by others,

Some one else who posted anon says they are not coming, thats their choice, Im coming but with serious misgivings and reservations, forgive my concern, but so called responsable crews have exploited too many in the lifestyle for their own ends previously

Once bitten comes to mind, and TV crews have to pay for the sins of their co workers as far as Im concerned.


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Emma Piquemal - Yorkshire Television#4

Just to clarify the posting below, the Yorkshire Television film crew who are going to the Bristol Fetish Emporium on 9th December WILL NOT BE FILMING THE BRISTOL FETISH EMPORIUM ITSELF, OR ANYONE ATTENDING THIS EVENT.
As arranged with the organisers of BFE, the film crew have been allocated one of the trading rooms from 5pm-6.30pm where they will film the Prince Albert morris dancers performing with people who want to be filmed as spectators. Anyone who is interested in being filmed as a spectator is more than welcome to come into this room at this time and be filmed for the ITV documentary. One of the BFE organisers will be manning the door to the room to inform anyone interested, that by entering that room they will be filmed for the documentary.
If anyone is interested in watching the Prince Albert morris dance performance without being filmed as a spectator, they can enjoy their earlier performance at 2pm, which will not be filmed.
If anyone has any queries, or is interested in being filmed as a spectator, please do not hesitate to call me on 07740 765 271, or simply turn up and ask which trading room the filming will be taking place in, at 5.30pm. It promises to be a great performance, and i hope everyone enjoys it.
Emma Piquemal
Yorkshire TV for ITV
PLEASURE SEEKERS documentary (if you want to know more about this documentary, please scroll down to see my original posting a month or so ago on this site)

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In Refference To Pleasure Seekers TV Filming.#7

I am posting this comment in response to several peoples opinions on the creditability of these film makers especially in refference to the up and comming BFE.

Knowing the film crew and main hostess personally I can vouch for their professionalism and discression in the matters disussed below.

I have included a short snippet below with comments.

An ITV documentary - Pleasure Seekers (going out around 10pm sometime in early 2002) is looking for people to take part. The series explores the 'alternative' (what 'joe bloggs' would consider alternative!) ways that people seek out and receive pleasure - it takes a positive, upbeat, non-judgemental tone.

'Infact they actively support the lifestyle and certainly would not jepordise it for anyone or anything.'

as is indicated in the title - it's about pleasure, not problems. As it is a documentary series, we follow the contributors personal journey (in this case Alex Jacob form Cobra Whips) , which gives people a chance to show a new audience how and why they gain pleasure from what they do.

I would also point out that after having been to the previous BFE's. If the organizers say they have it covered, then it is covered.

Securty couldn't be tighter, Dungeons couldn't be supervised better, and no horseplay (in the universally accepted sense) is tolerated.

I have myself spoken to Master Phil About these issues and voiced my own concerns all of which were answered to my satisfaction. I suggest anyone with any misgivings do the same.

TEL: 07769515723 for master phil

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In response to the posts#9

I posted the first reply on this message thread and I am at a bit of a loss at the moment and would like to ask the question 'What was not clear in my first post which lead people to believe that there would be any need for concern?'

No Camera's will be present at the event itself during any part of the market or after market party

Filming is being done AFTER the market has closed and before the Party. This was agreed with the film crew as I would not give consent to any filming during any public times of the event.

This particular crew have filmed at several quality events including the London Fetish Fair and other establishments during trading hours and have not had any complaints or filmed in general. These are references that I have personally checked and have had verified.

The Filming of the Morris Dancers is being done in a private and isolated room which in order to get to if you wanted to watch the additional performance by the dancers you would have to pass a whole lot of door personnel who will be informing everyone individually that filming is taking place.

Once the filming of the Performance is complete the cameras will be escorted out by the organisers well in advance of the party taking place. The crew and the dancers all have to be back on the road by 6:30 at the latest.

The reason it was agreed that the filming would be allowed at the venue is the Morris Dancers needed somewhere at which they could be filmed The Dancers are all the film crew are interested in during my last conversation with Emma she informed me that this was all that they needed.

The dancers agreed to put on an additional performance during the day for everyone's enjoyment as a thank you if you like for us allowing them to use an and I state again ISOLATED room at our venue during the period at which there would be no general access.

There were rumours in the past about press / media at a BFE event and although we the organisers attempted to reassure people that there was going to be no media coverage people believed rumours rather than facts from the organisers... Hence there was no media or press at the event the rumours were wrong.

Look at it also from our point of view... we the organisers put a great amount of time effort, and personal expense into these events. Why because we are serious about the community and want to provide more events and activities for everyone's enjoyment. From a personal point of view .. why would I want to jeopardise or risk all my hard work and investment and indeed the teams work. Quite simply I DON'T it would make no sense. One bad word can have greater effect and seems to be able to reach more corners of the net than 100 good ones, and we keep on working to provide the community with a great event but like anything we have to reach people and not everyone has a computer.

If we were being shady or hiding then I would say rightly so have cause for concern. But we have been open and informed everyone of our intention in clear and concise facts... posts have gone up on our own website so anyone can see what we are doing.

I do not see how I or any of the Team here can be any clearer or more HONEST about what is happening.. it is obviously up to each individual to make up his or her own mind we have been honest in the past and will continue to do so we have stated the facts about how the filming will be operated and controlled. We see this as an opportunity to reach more people who aren't lucky enough to have computers in a way which shows the community in the way that it ought to be shown and so help the community come together.

I sincerely hope that this post truly clears any concerns that anyone has as I know not how to put it in any other way. On a more personal note it is not possible for me to appear in any media coverage and I could not take the personal risk if I believed there was any. We truly hope that you will believe in our sincerity when we say that the BFE is a great event and does not jeopardise anyone's privacy in any way. My apologies for such a lengthy post but I felt it necessary to cover all the points which needed to be raised.

The BFE Team

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Sorry LadyBeth and Master Phil but .............#13

i've just heard of this latest rumour surrounding BFE

it's just into Saturday am, we have say 35 hours to go before the next BFE, and yet again there's 11th hour bullshit

quite frankly, right now, i need this news of TV films at Sunday's BFE like a hole in the head

for a start, there are NON_SCENE traders at the BFE.
i watched them very carefully at the first BFE and noted the obvious distress of one of them, when MasterPhil was being flogged by Severity Domina, directly opposite their stall.

i made the effort to walk past them, distract their attention from what was happening and say 'You ok?' did you even consider the fact that they might have been upset by what they saw before you took their money for their stall?

these are NON_SCENE people.
They are NOT used to seeing people being whipped caned or flogged.

The principle you seem unswervingly to fail to take on board is that vanillas and the scene don't mix. They never will. It also appears to me that you have consistently invited undue attention to this fair in the name of publicity.

From my experience all i can conclude is that the BFE team are after is maximum revenue and publicity regardless of cost to anyone else.

when are you going to understand that the scene doesn't operate that way? that the publicity you seek may make you feel important but drives your ON-SCENE customer and trading base away? Either you want to create something for the scene or you want publicity, be it radio, press or film. You choose.

i, for one, have had more than my fill

i do wish you all the success you seek, but, Master permitting, i'll not be there this Sunday or at any other BFE event. no SCENE customer or trader can be sure precisely what is going to happen.

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In reply#14

As with everyone else's comments your views are taken into consideration. However some of your comments are quite frankly wrong.

Firstly I would like to point one thing out which seems to have been overlooked by EVERYONE... this is not and has not ever been about publicity or advertising for the BFE .. It is about Entertainment at the BFE. The film crew are not there to promote the BFE or make a big song and dance about the event or the location. They are there to film the dancers after the event in a private room.. I am sorry if this bursts anyone's ego bubble here who think that the film crew are out to get them on camera but quite frankly the film crew ARE NOT INTERESTED YOU. The basis of this was in exchange for the loan of this private room at the end of the event the dancers would perform twice and subsequently provide some top entertainment for our Christmas event.

We were approached by Alex Jacob who asked us if we would provide some space, a couple of the traders have agreed to leave their stands after the market in order to create fetish a back drop for their show and a more realistic environment. Again this has been agreed with the particular traders and has no effect on the public times or area's accessible during the day or evening party.

The BFE Team is not after MAXIMUM revenue in the context in which you state of course we would like some reward for our efforts we all have bills - but in actual FACT we have doubled our outgoings in order to bring you and everyone else a top class venue and Market this was done at no additional cost to the traders attending or to the cost of the tickets on the door.

With regards to our Publicity seeking activities the BFE is actually getting no more than a mention in the credits of this particular documentary along with our website address. If we were seeking publicity in the manner to which you state then we would be running all sorts of advertising campaigns when in fact our advertisements and postings are all web based and kept within the community circle. The only other area's of advertisement outside of this is at the other Fetish Markets and venues such as 'the Clink'. To point out another fact we were asked by Emma the director of the film crew if one of the organisers or representative would like to appear on the camera and talk about the event .. HEY GUESS WHAT - we declined- strange for a group of individuals who are out for MAXIMUM publicity and MONEY.

In response to your comment regarding the flogging this may have been excessive in some peoples eyes and not in others. I would be interested to know of which traders you speak and wonder if they have attended subsequent event and or are returning. Some things while looking dramatic and excessive are in cases such as to the one you are referring actually not. From Master Phil's own statement it was not excessive.

You also state that vanilla people do not mix at such events - to this I would put that if someone has a genuine interest in the scene then they will attend an event such as ours to find out if they wish to explore further if we do not accommodate this element then there would be no newcomers to the scene and as such it would die out.

As Master Phil stated in a previous post it is chicken and egg we have to promote and get people through the door or the traders will not wish to attend on the flip side if the traders do not attend or we do not have a good selection of traders then the public will not be interested in attending. Until now we have had a good trader attendance and the numbers on the door are increasing slowly.

We are hearing lots of criticism here but it is not constructive... how about some constructive criticism?... how / where do you think we can / should advertise, keep everyone happy, reach the maximum number of people including those who don't have computers in order to satisfy the traders in a reasonable amount of time and keep our overheads realistic so that we are not loosing investment?

While we have tried to keep everyone happy the fact of the matter is that it is impossible... (nice venue but it's on the top floor, you got a mention on the radio gutter press are going to be everywhere, the last venue was better even though it was on the top floor, the toilets are really bad (ok I happen to agree with that one!) there wasn't a good selection of food at the event, there was no food at the first event, great venue but it is smaller than the last one, that door needs to be open, it's a fire door it should be closed, you need to get more people through the door, your current methods of advertising are getting enough people through the door, the BFE aren't interested in anything but publicity, all valid points wouldn't you say.. so which do we try and cater for and which do we put down to moaning?

To this I add one final thing... in order to come to our event you must be over 18! This means you must be an adult... therefore as an adult you decide for yourself when facts are put in front of you... If you don't want to attend then don't no-one is dragging you kicking and screaming (ok well maybe in some cases they are) you make up your own mind and allow others to make up theirs. People are able to work out for themselves if the facts laid before them are reason to come or not it seems that in making these repeated posts others wish to install their own fears and paranoia's in everyone else. I am not saying that people are not entitled to opinions nor am I saying they shouldn't voice those opinions before I next get accused of restricting freedom of speech. Just that do you not think others capable of making up their own minds?

I ask everyone this ... have you ever been photographed by any form of media at the BFE and splashed all over the newspapers? Have you ever had a video camera shoved in your face at the BFE and seen yourself all over the news? Has your name ever been published in the newspapers for attending the BFE? Have you ever seen press wandering around taking snapshots of anyone at the BFE Events? Has the BFE Team ever stated fact and it not been fact? Has the BFE Team ever lied and tried to conceal press at any of our events? Has the BFE Team ever done anything which has jeopardised anyone's privacy?

The BFE Team
0776 951 5723

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A Traders View#15

As a trader at the BFE - and have been from the start - I have to admit I was astonished to hear on friday night about the goings on with tomorrow's BFE.

I only found out about it by chance on hearing it mentioned in a chat room. Surely as a regular trader at the BFE we should have been contacted either by email or by phone - both Beth and Phil know my mobile number - to let us know what was happening. By doing this not only would we have been able to ascertain the TRUE facts rather than the rumours that are now going around, but we could also have made the decision as to whether we felt it jeopardised our positions in our 'normal' lives.

Although a partner in SSTA with Pagliacci I am still fairly new to this scene and to be honest am still extremely wary of people outside the scene finding out this side of my life. This is even more so as I had a work contract terminated because someone I worked with found out about it.

I am still at a loss to understand why, if the filming is only to be done after 5pm that the film crew will be there all day and why they would appear to be trying to interview various people at the fair. Under no circumstances do I want any of the film crew anywhere near either myself or our stall.

Yes SSTA will be at BFE tomorrow but all this business has left a very bad taste if nothing else then be cause of the lack of communication from the organisers to the traders.

I really do hope it doesn't ruin the attendance tomorrow but I have heard of many people who will not be attending due to the presence of the film crew


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My final comment on this subject#16

This is a posting I have placed on other clubs and chat sites.

What a can of worms that are wriggling about all over the place.

Lets see if I can answer some of your questions, dilemmas, and resolve some of your fears.

1) The post regarding why did we not inform you of this b4?
The answer is a very simple one up till the 3rd dec nothing had be finalised.
There was no point in putting it up on the page until this had been confirmed.

2) What checks have been made and what issues did we consider and why have we doallowed it?

The answers: We were approached By Alex Jacobs and asked if they (the Fetish moriss dance team) could (in return for a free show for our customers) have their dance team perform at our venue and be filmed in the process. We agreed in principal as to the Idea as we thought this would be something different for you the kinky bunch to enjoy. (ARE WE WRONG) how ever being aware of the sensitivity of the subject of cameras/media we made the following rulings to which had to be agreed other wise the answer was NO!

The rules where
a) There would be have to be two performances one for the public and one for the cameras.
b) That the performance for the cameras would be done in private and only those people who agreed to being on camera would be present.
c) The film crew would not approach nor interview in any way persons who had not been approached by our selves. Unless with our express permission.
d) Their cameras would remain in the vehicle until such time as the designated time had arrived. Or they had checked with us first.
e) All persons present and being filmed will sign release documents prior to the shoot.
f) At the end of the shoot the film crew will leave.

In basic we have been in negotiation for some weeks now ensuring that all this criteria has been understood and accepted.

ANY BREACH of these will result on us pulling the plug immediately and with out hesitation.

Emma is fully aware of these rules and has her self posted her understanding of the rules.

I am not ashamed but like many others out there I too cannot allow my self on camera (we all have our secrets)

BDSM is moving forward and just like the persecution of the gay community our fetishes are something we should enjoy with out this fear.
We need to get it out in to the open and seen in the true light as something that we are proud of and show every one that it is conducted Safe Sane and of course Consensually and educate the those (who want to learn) that we are not freaks or weirdo's.

All in all we are doing this for the community at large and unfortunatley there are some of you out there (quite rightly) who have reservations and I accept that you have fears. I would too if I was in you positions.

However we are D/s BDSM eat breath and sleep we would not intentionally put you at risk, we are working for you the community.

Some one on has just accused us of doing it for profit
(Nice thought) but on the other hand if so why not we put a lot of hours into this and a lot of graft. However cards on the table time!!

The first BFE at the Rotunda Nice venue, attendance 166, NO food, Coffee 1 a cup, Dark subdued lighting, good time had by all costing factor reasonable!! We paid the gas bill too. <g>

The Second BFE Club Lakota in my words PIG STYE a dump! Coffee yuck, Food ughh,
Toilets dirty, costing 25% more than Rotunda + we had to hire 20 tables + extra lighting. Don't even ask about the what happened FINACIALY! Oh ok I shall tell you we were going to have a centre spread by skin two, (A FETISH MAGAZINE) this time we told you outright and before we knew it you lot (not everyone) exploded it all out of proportion and the chiness whispers ended up with the news of the world, daily mirror and the bloody news at ten! ATTENDANCE 76 yes 76 persons supported the hard work we had put in. Chat rooms have a lot to answer for!!!! If I sound bitter I apologise.

3rd BFE THE MET WOW what a venue friendly accommodating staff and management, carpets, curtains, clean toilets, GOOD CHEAP FOOD, Coffee .50p a cup these guys did not want to rip us off!! BUT! Costings DOUBLE the rotunda + 20 tables + dungeon equipment hire ETC: Even Stevens

Traders saying you have to get more people through the door to make this a success.

HOW Do we do this we ask our selves how can we attract people to the venue.

Ask for help from people in the community after all we are a community! 3000 people visited the web page, there is a message HELP NEEDED, 2 yes TWO people offered their help on our posting, yep that is 2 people out of 3000 :-((

Sad isn't it!

I shall stop whingeing now and hope that those of you who see this posting understand our disappointment!

We sincerely Hope that you have a good day with us on the Sunday and look forward to your continued support.

Regards The BFE team
Master Phil 0776 95 15 723

PS One last comment I have offered my phone number openly is it not strange THAT NOT ONE PERSON has even bothered to call me b4 posting to get the facts! I sent my crystal ball back to the manufactures along time ago It DONT WORK.

1st Ammendment to posting ONE person has just contacted me!!
2nd ammendment I have just had an e/mail offering HELP
<picks myself up off the floor!>

All we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.'
--Charles Kingsley

BDSM is Trust, BDSM is Caring, BDSM is Life as Blood is to our bodies.

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You've read the controversy, now read the review!!#17

There is a brief review of this event here.

Here's an even briefer summary; it went fine!


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