New feature:

I finished adding a new feature to the site today, I hope you like it! All logged in users can now add entries to their own weblog, which can be read by anyone visiting the site. A weblog is a kind of online journal, you can put whatever you want in it - perhaps thoughts about the fetish lifestyle that don't seem to fit in as comments on any of the articles but which you'd like to share anyway...

To use the weblogs, you can click on the links which have been added to the 'Welcome Back' box on the right. 'Edit Weblog' will allow you to add a new entry to your own weblog, and 'View Weblog' will allow you to read your own weblog.

If you would like to view someone else's weblog, go to their User Info page (usually by clicking on their username at the top of an article or comment) and then follow the weblog link from there.

As always, feedback and suggestions regarding this new feature or anything else to do with the site are very welcome... email us, or reply to this article, and we'll answer as soon as we can!


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