1st Timers Club Recommendation?Request

My partner and I have only recently discovered (almost by accident, but that's another story!), that adopting a mistress/slave relationship is the best thing we have ever done. It has rapidly developed from being something that we talked about playing with occasionally, to a 24/7 way of life - even if a lot of the time it has to be subtle and played purely on a psychological level. We are greedily devouring any information we can find about fetishwear, equipment, terminology, etc., as we would really like to venture onto the scene.

Which brings me on to my request: can anyone recommend a club in the London/South East area that is not too intimidating for first timers. I'm a domme and Clarion's my sub/slave (male). Torture Garden sounds fascinating but rather bewildering. Also, rather anxious to know what 'appropriate' dress might be. What we wear when we are on our own may or may not be suitable for wearing to a club. Appreciate any other advice or recommendations that you can offer. Thanks.

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The London clubs are as follows (brief precis)

Torture garden - big fetish event, 1000+, mad dancing, good dungeon, has to be seen to be believed. Easy to be anonymous. Dress-code not as strict as people sometimes believe - the picture from the net of tg-ers tend to be of the most flamboyant.

Club Flesh - baby tg. Held in a cyber-bar. Very sexy, Small dance floor, lots of play equipment and chill-out space.

Club Rub - very friendly, brilliant dancefloor, playspace not very good.

Whacko - friendly, good dancing, reasonable playspace

Club Domina - femdomme Sunday evening event (weekly) - very play orientated

Events at the Fringe - small venue, good play-space, mostly play clubs. The Gate has the best reputation - aimed at couples

The Firm - diverse events at different venues. Friendly, sense of humour, probably the only London club not playing trance/house music.

Submission - occasional events

There is more information on all these clubs, with reviews, pictures etc at www.londonfetishscene.com (Look under 'Clubbing')

Mail me if you like.

fuschia@(nospam)londonfetishscene.com (remove the nospam)

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And what to wear#2

Also, under clubbing in the 'tips' section, there are articles about dress-codes and so on.


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and Club L'Amour#3

Ooops nearly forgot.

New club on the block, 'sophisticated event' with a different flavour, mix of play & dance

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Re: Clubs#8

elo new to fetish scene...im from s.e london do you know any clubs in south london area

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