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My partner and I attended a lovely fetish party in Paris recently - I thought I'd post a little review. The party was on Sunday 27th January - a special event was being held to celebrate someones birthday - coincidentally it coincided with my own birthday :)

We got to the street and found a quiet residential street with a police station on it - but not a single bar .... uh-oh we thought ... luckily, a man in leather jeans approached a door and we knew we were in the right place (either that or the Paris Bikers Society)

We were let in after waving our flier through a door hatch and entered Parisian Fetish Society (well ok we entered a cloakroom) The host was quite tolerant of my poor french and watched us with amusement -

We entered the club proper - the first room (Salon) was tres chic - a cellar room with low stone ceilings and too much heating - there were plenty of socialising seats, no (or unobtrusive) music, and a bar at one end - serviced by the lovely birthday girl. There was also a buffet but we were too busy exploring to eat.

What were the play facililities like?
There were a series of very small rooms - each holding maybe one piece of equipment - each room was set up for easy viewing .... The equipment wasnt (IMO) as good as some of the stuff we get in English Clubs - there was a medical bed ... a little St Andrews Cross, an unplumbed in bath (the mind boggles) a darkened room for sex (we think) an atmospheric school room, and the most bizarre piece ... a room with a beer barrel in it - with a saddle on the barrel and two straps hanging from the ceiling ... ride it cowboy!

What was the play like?
In essence I'd say it was more sensual and less violent than I am used to seeing :) Of course that might just have been the people there that evening. I have no idea what the 'rules' are on male nudity - but female genital nudity was evidently ok ... and it was quite interesting watching someone use an amended vibrator based on something unique I thought only -I- held the secret to .... (but that is another story) I found the fisting episode quite interesting too :) I saw only minimal levels of 'violence' - some very mild flogging ... tweaks here and there etc.

What were the people like?
Mainly couples - and (therefore?) a high proportion of women - (down to the unfair but effective different pricing for single men and couples) There were some REALLY stunning women there ... *swoon* a woman who looked like a ballerina , an eva peron lookalike , an angela basset lookalike .... and the lovely bar staff :) but each of them (and the other women there) seemed quite 'ordinary' too - no over the top professional glamour pusses (indeed even -I- caused quite a stir simply being the only woman dressed all in red velvet rather than black) Why am I going on about the women? Well... it was one of the nicest things about the place, the lovely mix of people - mixed in age and style and yes in levels of attractiveness :)

Most of the people were really friendly (despite the language differences)and we felt very welcomed - One bloke muttered about my over enthusiastic Au Revoirs (in my terrible accent) as I left - but heh I can't win them all.

Warm (in all ways) intimate and comfortable club for a foreigner in a strange land - I would whole heartedly recomend it to anyone visiting or living in Paris. I hope to return and get to know some of them better ....

And if anyone who attended on 27th of January reads this site - SALUT! If you want to make a return trip to Northern UK drop me a line and we can show you our clubs too :)

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Paris Nights#1

Hey Spicecat,

It seems a great place! I'm not into anything too heavy myself and my girlfriend won't support anything that isn't elegant.
I've just moved to France but she's still in the UK. We've a weekend planned in Paris, could you let us have the address?


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