Violate: a newcomer's experienceReview: Event

I am new to the scene and decided to visit the local (Scotland) Fetish/BDSM club, Violate. I spoke to people online before attending. When the 9th of February arrived, I travelled to Edinburgh where the club was meeting that month, and found my way into the function room by following the people in fetish clothing. Once inside the dark cellar, very appropriate, I found the bar, nice prices, and waited until I recognised or was recognised by people I had met on-line. When that happened I was able to relax and enjoy myself.

I found the people very friendly, comfortable to be with regardless of clothing or lack of, and I even watched a few scenes for a while. Although I only met people I knew from online and chatted with them, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and intend to go as often as I can in future.

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