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Hi... a little while ago i wrote an article about my Prince Albert piercing. Given that i still get the occasional question about the Prince Albert (hereafter referred to as my PA) and the fact that the previous article effectively finished at the point where my PA was 'installed', the reasoning behind this article was to cover the rest of the story. Its also to basically answer the rhetorical question as to whether, having lived with the PA for a while, it was a worthwhile experience.

i could think of three questions that people might ask someone about living with a PA and set out to answer them. These were:

(1) well.. what is sex like with a PA?
(2) does it affect masturbation?
(3) are the orgasms any different?

These questions kind of give the clue as to why i went ahead with the PA in the first place and why i'm sometimes referred to as a slut .

In the course of thinking about the article i asked a few friends what they would ask of someone with a PA and i was surprised by the general level of interest that it caused, and by the fact that not everyone's mind is in the gutter with mine . That led me to ask a couple of my friendly Internet mailing lists for questions as well, and what follows is basically those questions, with what i hope are some interesting answers.

i'll start with one that i thought i'd answered in the first article, but my answer seems to have been either missed, or more likely, just not believed. It was asked by one of my male friends who i suspect unconsciously closes his legs together every time i mention my PA. He wanted to know 'Did it hurt?'

Those who know me as an angelic, non pain slut might question if my occasional masochistic tendencies qualify me to answer this question, or more appropriately, give an answer that people who 'don't do pain' believe. Joking aside i can honestly say that for me getting the PA didn't hurt at all. Looking back i remember some slight pressure and thinking to myself... 'here it comes', bracing myself for the very sharp pain that should accompany a needle piercing any part of the body, let alone the family jewels, and still waiting for it even when my piercer said 'all done'. In an odd way my masochistic side felt it was a bit of a let down from a pain point of view. i can contrast the PA with getting my nipples pierced, which i can confirm did hurt, but it's a very fleeting pain like stabbing your thumb on a tack or a pin but a bit more ouchy. The pain from getting my nipples pierced also put me into sub space for a good couple of hours afterwards and i was kind of expecting (even looking forward to) the same result from the PA. The absence of pain was also a bit of a let down from that perspective. The memory of the sub space after having my nipples pierced is also the reason that one of my future articles might well be about play piercing. However, i'm straying from the point, which if you haven't got it by now, is that a PA just doesn't hurt if it's done correctly. Part of the preparation involves the use of a spray anaesthetic that is clearly quite powerful. For some, the less palatable side of the application of the anaesthetic is that it's administered into the urethra using a cotton swab, which can feel mildly irritating. Some of you, of course, may be swooning at the thought .

Reading back on what i've written above, its worth remembering that this is a personal opinion and personal tolerances to any pain or pressure or stimulation vary. Anxiety levels play a part in this, although it's fair to say that i was quite anxious about going ahead in the first place. So, if we've got that clear, let's move on to some of the more interesting stuff, okay?

Another good question which i addressed in part in the first article was 'why did you do this in the first place?' There's a whole basket of reasons why; i think they look nice and so does my Mistress, the research i did beforehand certainly drew attention to the fact that it would enhance sexual intercourse for my Mistress, and in a BDSM context its commonly considered a highly submissive act, to be pierced as a mark of ownership, right up there with branding. Mistress believed it would enhance my sexual response which i always took to be her underlying reason for proposing it in the first place. This was definitely a joint decision although i, in effect, controlled the timing. Would i have done it if she didn't want me to? Short answer is no, i wouldn't have. As she proposed it in the first place i'm not sure i would even have considered it, it certainly wasn't on my list of things to try. Looking back i'm more than glad she did propose it.

The next set of questions and answers are linked to the issue of healing, aftercare and maintenance. The first is how long does it take to heal? The answer to this isn't clear cut, everyone's rate of healing is different. i was over the initial healing in less than 48 hours, and had my first ejaculation less than a week after the piercing. At that stage the piercing was probably not fully healed and we didn't play with it seriously until between four and six weeks after it was done. So when asked, i usually say it took about a week for the primary healing and six weeks before its ready to play with in any serious fashion. The PA is one of the quickest healing piercings you can get and the fact that urine is sterile is actually an aid to the healing process. Nipple piercings can take upwards of a year to heal fully. i bathed within 24 hours of the piercing, just to let it soak in warm water and used an antibacterial soap which is recommended for all piercings. i mentioned in the first article that there was some bleeding the day the piercing was done, and the first time i peed afterwards was a somewhat interesting experience for me as it stung quite a bit, but that was about it in terms of after-effects. The stinging sensation was not dissimilar to experiences i have had when tiger balm has been used on my penis so i was not unfamiliar with the sensation, just unprepared for it.

Having mentioned peeing i might as well cover the rest of that issue now. The specific question that i was asked was 'can you still pee without sprinkling all over the place?' Again i think this is slightly different for everyone. As it happens i can generally pee without collateral sprinkling from the PA hole getting everywhere. i was told by a friend who also has a PA of one episode where he was stood at a urinal next to another friend and the other friend suddenly said "hey, you're peeing on my leg". So it can be a real issue. At home i generally pee sitting down anyway as the last thing i want to be doing is peeing on the carpet. Many women would view this as an extremely positive reason for getting their man a PA , and i know its not uncommon in some relationships where the male is submissive for the Dominant to make it a rule for the submissive to pee sitting down anyway. Away from home, if i'm limited to a urinal, there is a trick you can use to limit the amount of collateral sprinkling, which is to twist the head of the penis to one side and because the hole is no longer on the bottom of the urethra gravity is slightly more on your side. Real masochists can take this as far as you like, but approach it in a sane way please. One warning about peeing sitting down is that you need to be careful when you stand up. Although it hasn't happened to me, stories do abound of people getting their PA jewellery caught on a toilet seat. Ouch!

Having mentioned jewellery, now is probably a good time to cover this subject. i'm still using the basic ring that came with the piercing package we purchased. It's a closed ring with a large ball. The most common alternative is what i would describe as a half moon ring with a large ball on either end. There are other types of jewellery available and there is also an accessory called a prince's wand for those that like urethral insertion. At the moment i'm planning to stick with a complete ring / ball and stretch up to a larger size, although this is something that we will definitely approach in stages. The reason for doing it in steps has more to do with aesthetics than anything else because i have seen pictures of PA's where the ring looks disproportionately large and in my opinion distracts from the nicety of the look. And here is a point i wanted to emphasise about why i went ahead with a PA in the first place. To my eye a nice PA is aesthetically pleasing to look at. That isn't going to be everyone's opinion but it happens to be mine, and my Mistress's. If you can't look at a PA and think that it looks nice, then this isn't something you ought to be considering in the first place. The other point about jewellery size is that if you're going to play with it in ways other than masturbation and intercourse, then a larger gauge ring is safer. With a small gauge ring there is a chance that you will experience a cheesewire effect of the ring cutting into the skin, for example if weights are hung from the ring. This can be avoided by a larger ring size, which can more effectively distribute the weight. Using the PA as a restraint device is going to have much the same issues. My overall advice on jewellery size and sizing up (or stretching up as it's called) is to consult your local piercing establishment.

Oh, and a final point about jewellery and airport metal detectors. Most body adornment jewellery is made from high grade stainless steel, which in most circumstances will not set off an airport metal detector. If it does, however, it's unlikely to phase the airport staff, and for me it wouldn't be an embarrassing situation. Your mileage may vary. i would be slightly more embarrassed by my cb-2000 chastity device setting of a detector than a piercing but in the end i figure they (the airport staff) are more likely to be embarrassed by the cb-2000 than i am. i'm in the fortunate position where my submission to my Mistress isn't something i am at all embarrassed about (although i have been known to blush deep beetroot red when my Mistress pulls the right levers) or something i go out of my way to hide, the vast majority of my friends are in the scene and total strangers i don't worry about. And if you're really worried about it, you can always take the jewellery out temporarily.

Okay, i think we are about ready to move onto the more juicy stuff. Lets start with a question you might not have thought of, which is 'does it work well for electrical play'. This might sound stuffy but before you engage in any electrical play you should do the appropriate research and ensure that you are going to play safely. i can heartily recommend 'Juice' by Uncle Abdul, published by Greenery Press. In summary you can use electricity with piercings but with care. At this point i'll quote a few words written by a friend when i was doing my research on this. ‘The first issue is that the sensation from the electricity will be more focused and acute so you will need to play at levels well down from your 'normal' settings. [The best advice with electrical play is always start from zero and work up to what is comfortable / nice rather than start with higher or 'usual' settings and work down. Metal conducts better than the flesh and many games can result in 'cooked' tissue, as it were, inside the body where it can't be seen or immediately felt in relation to the level of damage that is actually being caused]. There is also a possibility that passing electricity through a material that is embedded in the body will encourage particles of the substance to migrate into the flesh, although only minute, this can cause nasty reactions.' (Thanks Sam).

Ready for the good stuff yet? One more issue before the best bits though, the question being 'can you wear a condom with a PA?' The simple answer is yes, although it's a little more awkward to get on that in normal circumstances. i'm lucky in that it isn't something i've had to do for many years and to be honest putting on a condom without the PA was awkward enough. Safe sex issues come first though!

So back to those three original questions, which if you can remember that far back were about sex, masturbation and orgasms, and if its okay with you i'll do them in reverse order. So what are the orgasms like? Well, mind-blowing doesn't begin to describe it. i used to think that my orgasms, particularly when LadyLinda weaves her magical dominant wand, couldn't get much better. i was very wrong about that. They can, and did! Even better than that, i became multi-orgasmic, which is something i didn't even think was possible for a man, in the sense that i mean multi-orgasmic. LadyLinda has been multi-orgasmic since i've known Her and i guess i was a little envious of that, but i didn't think there was anything i could do about it.

Some of you may be aware of the concept of whole body orgasms if you have read any Taoist material on sexuality or the books called 'The Multi-orgasmic male' or 'The Multi-orgasmic couple' (check it out at Amazon). The concepts described in these materials are about understanding that ejaculation and orgasm are separate things which don't necessarily have to happen together. Western culture assumes that they are inextricably linked. Submissive males may well know of the concept of ejaculation without orgasm sometimes referred to as milking, usually by prostrate massage, but the concept of orgasm without ejaculation is only slowly beginning to spread and gain acceptance in the west.

However i'm not talking in this article about the concepts described in the body of literature to which i have just referred. What i am describing is a male orgasm with ejaculation, followed a few moments later by another orgasm and a few moments later again, by yet another orgasm. i'll stop there as three back to back orgasms is the most i have experienced so far. If you've ever been fortunate enough to be with a multi-orgasmic woman you know what i'm talking about. Or have you ever seen one of those graphs that describe female sexual arousal? The one where they reach a peak, climax, dip slightly, recover and then have another powerful climax. Well, that's what is happening for me. Jealous yet? Personally i wish i'd found out about this twenty years ago. The climaxes are more powerful in and of themselves than they used to be, and i get three of them (at best). The first one is generally off the Richter scale, the second is way up there too, the third doesn't seem to have the same intensity but just kinda goes on and on before i come back to earth.

Masturbation. Good question. Let me be honest with you. i like masturbating, in fact, i like it a lot. i know that some submissive males don't get the pleasure of masturbating (as their penis is reserved for pleasuring their Mistress only), many only get to masturbate when they are given permission, which may be granted on rare occasions. i get to masturbate quite a lot, under LadyLinda's watchful and tormenting eye. We even have this computer programme with a metronome where i have to masturbate for 45 minutes in time with a metronome, which gets faster and faster, but with paced sections interspersed between the speed sessions for 'endurance training', all without cumming. Sometimes whilst i'm doing this Mistress will distract me with her crop or a paddle. If we are in bed and Mistress permits masturbation, i certainly can't cum without permission which can make it quite a prolonged and torturous experience (although you shouldn't in any way feel sorry for me). i guess the first point i should make about masturbating with the PA is that i have a foreskin, and for me the feel of my foreskin sliding over the head of my cock is one of my favourite things. This did change when i got the PA because now there is the ring and it did take a bit of getting used to, there being a new sensation when my hand is moving back and forwards. It's certainly not unpleasant but it is different. When i do get to cum these orgasms are again more powerful than they were previously.

When i described my nipple piercings i talked a lot about the change in sensitivity that i experienced. My nipples changed from just being a non-erogenous part of my body available for painful torture with nipple clamps and weights, to an erogenous zone which can be tormented with a feather (wooooohoooooo). The PA doesn't have the same kind of effect in terms of the overall sensitivity of my penis, although there is this very small spot, right beside where the hole is, that has gone from highly sensitive to super sensitive. LadyLinda uses her fingernail on that spot as part of her CBT repertoire. However i don't feel that spot when i masturbate or during intercourse, so i wouldn't describe my penis as more sensitive than before the PA.

Sexual intercourse. A really good question. Would it be absurd to mention that i like this a lot. Even more than masturbation. In order to do this justice i'm going to do this from two perspectives. What its like for me, and by in effect interviewing LadyLinda, to offer some thoughts on what its like from the female perspective.

From my perspective, having already described my orgasms, the other interesting thing from an intercourse point of view is the actual act of penetration itself, remembering that in one sense you are trying to drive a ring inside your partner using your penis. This isn't a problem if you are fully erect but can be more difficult if you are softer. The sensations once you have achieved penetration are superb, although i tend to be concentrating on LadyLinda's reactions. What i can feel some of the time is the ring moving inside my urethra which i can only describe as quite thrilling.

LadyLinda writes:

Only rarely am I able to climax from penetration alone, and its no different since my slave had his PA installed. So, no, it doesn't make me climax by itself. However I do feel the PA rubbing against my g-spot and the sensation is like being teased without being able to climax. However when I do climax, because of the increased level of stimulation, my orgasms, like my slave's, are more powerful. The act of penetration is also more thrilling because I can feel the ring all the way as it moves inside me. I'm so glad we had this done, and my sadistic side wasn't happy that it didn't hurt when the PA was installed .

I have thoroughly enjoyed my slave's PA. It was an incredibly submissive act for him to get the PA in the first place and I view it as an outward sign of his devotion to me. I love the way it looks, it's aesthetically gorgeous, and I just love the way it adorns my cock. I also love that I can use it as a device of sexual torture.

As an additional security measure with my slave's chastity device, I find the feeling of power that gives me, knowing that there is no way he can get out, to be a real turn on.

I almost cried the first time that my slave had a multiple orgasm. I was so happy for him that he was finally able to experience something that I have been able to achieve most of my adult life.

I'm so very proud of him for getting his PA.

elliott concludes:

So would i do it all again. You bet your ass i would. But what if somewhere down the line i change my mind? i can't see that happening to me but someone did ask the question. Having had the piercing you can't reverse it [you can't undo having the hole made in the first place] but you can decide to take out the jewellery, and given that the human body is the miracle that it is, over a period of time, and i'm talking months if not years, the hole will gradually close. Interestingly, most of the effects of the PA described in this article will last longer than it takes for the hole to heal and disappear.

Those of you who managed to get this far, well done. i figure most will have stopped reading after the first page or so, and i can think of any number of guys who will have stopped when they saw the subject matter because they can't conceive why another guy would want to do this in the first place. If you got this far, i hope you enjoyed it and perhaps i made you think differently about piercing in general and the PA in particular. Don't take my word for it though, do your research, ask questions, go and talk to people with piercings and weigh it up carefully. In the BDSM community we speak the mantra of safe, sane and consensual. The things we do that would turn the head of the general public are only done after the appropriate assessment of the risk balanced by how good the outcome might be. After all that consideration, balancing the risk with the gain, at the end of the day it's your body and you have the right to choose what to do with it. Most of all have fun!


owned and loved by LadyLinda

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I was following some links around the 'net today and I found this short piece written by a guy who decided to take his PA out. I thought I'd link it here just for contrast.

Personally, I'm not stating an opinion either way - as elliott so rightly points out, this is the kind of decision that you really have to think about and make your mind up for your own reasons.


I'm one of the admins here on
Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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Does anyone know why they are called Prince Alberts?

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Re: PA#3

Supposedly named after THE Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria), who was, allegedly, reasonably well endowed. The fashion of the day called for quite tight pants for men but the moral atmosphere was also very prudish, so any male even minimally endowed had to do something to hide his genitals (they didn't wear underpants!). The PA was known as a 'Dressing Ring', installed (!?) by a tailor and used to anchor the penis to the leg. Don't know of any association with increased sexual pleasure - but since you weren't supposed to enjoy sex in those days, this isn't surprising!

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Re: Re: PA#4

i have heard that prince albert's penis was 12inches long and 3 inches around , on soft.

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Re: PA#31

Life is worthwhile

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#5

I'm seriously considering having a PA a big one and
you answers many, if not all of my questions.

Thanks again
Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Re: Re: Living with Prince Albert#6


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Re: Re: Living with Prince Albert#25

Go carefully, when I did my own PA, I stretched it too fast, so now also have a partial meatotomy. It started as a 10 gauge CBR but being able to do my second a bit further down the urethra, I have now increased it carefully to 0000G or around 12mm, using a tribal dream ring.
19mm internal diameter, 12 mm cross section).
It's great, but I did take about 3 years to do it!

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#8

You are absolutly right on the 'G' spot around the piercing. I have had my PA for 6 months and have stretched up to a 8ga and am about to go to a 6GA. I am also uncircumsized and find masturbation quite different. I can get a feeling like I am about to cum from puting slight pressure with my finger at the base of the ring around the hole. Try It, it feels great.

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Re: Re: Living with Prince Albert#14

I'm considering getting a PA. Gay buddies who are tops, like I am, tell me they often feel compelled to remove the jewelry when fucking. Is that necessary? Some guys tell me their heavy PA jewelry elongates the dick. True?


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Re: Re: Re: Living with Prince Albert#19

I am not gay, but my wife and I enjoy anal. I have a 4ga with a slave ring. So, it is larger than some. It works fine. You do nee to be careful on the insetion, which wasn't a problem with smaller rings.

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#9

hi there i read your articale and was very informitive. all i wanted to no would my wife like it and yes i no now she will thank you very much for taking thr time to right this

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#10

I am 4 weeks into my PA. 8g 3/4' curved barbell. I LOVE IT. My first 'nut' was exactly two weeks to date after the piercing by masturbation. I was sent to the roof! I am so happy to have reasearched the PA piercing for over a year and half before doing it at 41 years of age. I too thinks it looks great, in fact, I think it adds a certain level of mental strength to a mans character.

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#11

Just a quick question, about how long does it typically take before you can have sex again after getting the PA done? (I'm more worried about the lack of sex than the pain haha, I'm getting mine done in December.)

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#12

Thanks for this very honest and HELPFUL testimonial.
I'm considering having a PA and found your lines while doing my research prior to actually doing it. Thanks again for taking the time to share your personal experiences !
Jan, Miami

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Re: Re: Living with Prince Albert#17

I had my P.A.done three weeks ago I am uncut and I cant believe how great it feels to jerk off especially if you pull on the ring while jerking off I only wih I had done it sooner.

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#13

Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the detail. I think I've got a better perspective on this whole issue.

Thank you, and congratulations to being OWNED. Ha!

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#15

What a wonderful article. I love my PA yoo & applaud you, & your mistress for allowing you to firstly get it done and secondly for telling us all about it.
Thank you.

Gary B,
Peterborough, England.

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#18

great article.

i have the reverse prince albert... If your lady linda is looking to cause you a little pain then she should look into it. It's a bit more barbaric than the standard side of the frenum PA you have. But i can guarantee a couple of sleepless nights. The actuall procedure is identical to the one you described but the ring comes out of the top of the glands..

Of you got realt adventurous you could have the PA you already have extended so it comes out of the glands... It's more than possible and will result in been a PA RPA and apadravya


BTW i had mine done for a dare! It's been in now for over 6 years, and it's curently got a 3mm x20mm black line ring in it.

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#23

my wife and i are both genital piercing fans(hafada,frenum,labia,clit)
and i was thinking to get a pa but was not sure
maybe problems peeing etc.
i read your article and now i am sure,i get one.........
you only live once!!
thnx and greetings from holland,

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#24

Bravo ! It's very refreshing to read an article like this from a couple such as yourselves, Figures you wouldn't be in America. I myself have only had my nipple pierced. always wanted a P.A. Never had the Balls to go through with it, or a partner who liked it. My Hats off to Both of you.
Best wishes,

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#28

Got my PA done 1 week ago, (Best decision of my life!) this is the most informative post I've read about it yet, Kudos to LadyLinda and elliott

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#26

This is some great information for men thinking about getting a PA. I got mine a few weeks back and so far love it. However, coming from a person that does NOT take pain well, I thought I would chime in with my perspective on the pain side of things.

While it did not hurt as bad as I would have expected with such a sensitive area, it was not as easy as elliott describes. The pain is very brief, maybe a few seconds, and hurts less than getting caught in your zipper. However, be prepared for a little yelling (just try to keep it manly).

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Re: Re: Living with Prince Albert#27

I had my PA done in 2006 and this article was the main reason I went ahead and had it done, after an extensive search on line I found this to be insightful and educational and it sold me.

Well here I am almost 3 years after having had my cock pierced and still loving it. My wife found it uncomfortable for a long time but now she loves it and masturbation is far better now and to be honest it just feels good.

So if you are planning on having a PA go for it would be my advice but make sure that you have a good piercer that you can trust. I was really lucky as my piercer is a very pretty and sexy young woman (had to think of Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day trust me :))and highly talented too.

Sunny :)

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Re: Living with Prince Albert#29

I got my PA about a week ago now.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to go ahead with the piercing. luckly I have a very good piercer who works where i live. After going in and chatting to him, we wen't through to the back room to get it done.

The pain was sharp and short (lasting about 1 second), there was some blood and the odd discomfort for the first 2 days, however this soon died down).

So far I'm very happy with it :) I think the thing I like most is how anti-PA most people are and most non piercing forums are.

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So far so good and loving it #30

The forum helped me a lot in the decision to get my PA. I am from Brazil and I get my PA done 5 days ago, and so far it's cool ..
After some research, in the forums and videos, I decided to go for it. I found a piercer in the neighboring city, 100 miles away, texted him and booked an appointment.
The piercer advised that we should start with a 6G CBR using the taper technique with a 0G taper, piercing from the outside to the inside, but my urethra was narrow and didn't widen for the taper. Then he did a different technique, from the inside out, straight with the 6G needle. It was fast, and on a scale of 1-10, the pain was a 4-5, for a few seconds and it bleed very little at the time, he did the bandage with the glove and I was good to go.

During the day I had a slight discomfort and after 4h I changed the bandage, I also peed. The glove was with a little blood, but nothing overwhelming. The first pee burned but it was bearable. During the day, after each pee it bleed a little. After 24h, there was no longer bleeding after peeing.
In the next two days I worked and every time I went to pee I changed the bandage.

I thought it was better keeping the bandage to avoid bacteria and friction against the underwear. I found a "male pad" for urinary incontinence and used it on my underwear along with the gauze. Just to make sure there are no stains on clothes or bacteria. One or another drop of blood still occurs, but minimal.

I did not make compresses, because I was with guests at home and also working, but everything went well and I had no swelling. Instead, I used a saline spray for quick cleanings between bandage changes and took IBPFen to prevent pain or inflammation.

So far everything has been going well, sometimes only mild discomfort, few drops of blood. I'm enjoying the look. I already had an erection and it didn't hurt, it was interesting.

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