Are you addicted to love?Request

I am researching for a film about sex drives and what makes people tick sexually. I am looking to speak to open and honest people about their sex lives. If you are addicted to your fetish I would like to hear from you.

Please call Helen on 0207 261 3243 in confidence or email

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Fairygothmother >>>
Oh, no, not another TV show ...#1

So which company is it this time ?

This looks like yet another naff ' lets laugh at the pervs'
TV show.

Just avoid, unless you really want to look silly and have all your mates take the piss.



( 24 years in TV production, so I think I know the score by now ! )

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Or, alternatively#2

You could go straight for the lowest common denominator: Perverts Big Brother.

Seraphim (Who threw away his TV some time ago, and is much happier without it.)

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Re: Or, alternatively#3

seraphim you tit - u should have sold it

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Re: Are you addicted to love?#4

Not even once

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