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Torture Garden returned to Club Colosseum this weekend, for another fantastic event. The music was great again, with much less 'experimental' stuff and plenty of what people want - hard house to jump around to! The venue is great, really well suited to TG. There's plenty of room for people to dance or just watch in the dance area, and a fair amount of room in the dungeon area too, although this did become crowded when people were having sex in there and drawing large crowds of watchers.

There is actually a dark area set aside for sex at the back of the dance room, but this doesn't seem particularly popular, with people preferring to have sex in the dungeon, the seating area, or in the corridors (the only place it really causes a problem, as the rest of the club has plenty of room to move around in). It's possible that people just aren't aware this area exists - it's fairly small and not marked out in any way - unless you notice people walking into it you might not notice it's even there.

I didn't see the stage shows in the dungeon area, but there were some people juggling etc on the podium at the front of the dancefloor at the end of the night who gave a great atmosphere to the last hour in there.

I don't really have much to add to my review of TG at this venue two months ago, just to say that I'm even more convinced now that this is a better venue than Mass and I hope that TG are going to be able to stay here for a good while so we can all enjoy it!

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TG - 24th Aug#1

I guess I'll just mention what I did on the LFS website...

Ok, well I had a fantastic time and I didn't find the music too loud, well not unless like me you decided to dance right in front of the speakers.
The only gripe I would have is the heat! It was horrid, thankfully they opened the doors near the toilet area and allowed people to stand near them to cool off.
The dungeon area being little more than a walkway for every Tom, Dick, Harry and Charlotte to walk through. All that was needed there was a dead end to stop it happening?
As for WM's there were tons of them, but that didn't stop me having a fab time.
I do disagree though Mass was a far more superior venue.
Lets hope that the Colleseum can prove to be as good and take on board the changes that really need to be made to allow the few players amongst us to have just as good a time as the fet disco'ers.


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Real players at TG?#4

Well I have never been to any of the London clubs. They have always been presented to me in a bad light I am afraid. However I wanted to respond to the Anonymous writer who said that s/he would like more attention paid to what the real player wanted (or something of that nature) Ive always been led to belive that TG and some of the other London clubs are places where people go to see and be seen ... nothing wrong with that!

However, if you prefer a play type venue then I think you have to look for somewhere where there is no dancing ... like Ceasars near Coventry. Many of you will know that they have a different club on there every Friday night, that the equipment is absolutely excellent, the atmosphere quite sophisticated and the music chilled and at conversation level. I love to dance ... there is no dancing at Ceasars ... but I think each venue to its own. TG is for dancing and fashion, Ceasars is for playing, chilling ... and you still see the fantastic outfits there.

Oph xx

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I wasnt logged it for that last comment. It was from me. I dislike seeing 'Anonymous' as the author. I like to get to 'know' the people who post here by their nicks.

Oph xx

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Real Players at TG#6

Your right with your comment about there being real players clubs, unfortunately they are all north of where we are in London, and it means an almighty trek and a weekend away, with the majority of time travelling. I do plan to make a weekend of attending somewhere like Rapture. However in the mean time we in London are left with the likes of TG. Tg at Mass had a fantastic dungeon and that was due to many contributing factors. I do believe that the colleseum has fantastic potential too.
I want to go to socialise, see and be seen, but I'd also appreciate a safe place to play too, why have somewhere to play if no one can use it? u may as well have 'decorative dungeon furniture to sit on' on the flyer, instead of the likes of 'Dungeon area for play'??

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Personally, I'm in two minds about The Colosseum as a TG venue - as I've grown accustomed to Mass over the last couple of years, any change is bound to take some getting used to, and as such I went along with this very thought in mind. I do think that the major problem lies in the 'open plan' nature of the venue - it is all to easy to casually stroll from dancefloor to dungeon to chill out areas without really realizing! This did unfortunately turn the dungeon into something of a corridor, but a new venue is bound to have these teething problems right? I do however feel that future Colosseum events would benefit from more curtained off areas perhaps? I am also very much looking forward to the new 'sleaze core'nights planned at Electrowerkz - lots of rooms, a couple of corridors and plenty of space for running around in, should be good!

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Dungeon/Corridor problems...#3

This has definitely been the single most-voiced complaint about the new venue that I've heard so far... and everyone suggests the same solution - move the dungeon into the isolated room near the toilets, I presume it's the eclectic lounge or something at present? Anyway, it's the one room that is off of that circular walk-around-the-club route.

I love the fact that you can roam around the venue like that, without having to turn around and go back, but I can see why people who like to play in dungeon areas would find the constant foot traffic annoying...


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Which doesn't make anything I say any more likely to make sense.

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TG dungeon#7

Well, I didnt like the dungeon at the Colliseum either, I used to spend the nite at the dungeon at Mass and I didnt even stay for 5 min in Colisseum,I went to Electrowerkz on friday, to the skin2 nite, and my feel is that the Tg ppl do not concentrate their efforts in play, the dungeon was so dark that I had a laff with Mistress Alexia who had to hold a torch in her mouth and even so kkept missing (with a single tail that can be lethal lol) I had a good time but then again, I wasnt there to play,ppl were nice, I dont usually like the music in clubs but then again I m an old bloody foreiner...:) but I had a good time, saw all my friends , had a laff and looked at lots of yummy ppl....

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