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I went along to the TG Fetish Bazaar in the Purple Turtle again today. The event has now gone monthly, allowing the organisers to put a bit more time into making each one an event in its own right, which seems to be paying off - the place was definitely more crowded than last time I visited, despite the miserable weather today.

There were at least a dozen stalls selling stuff that I wanted to have a good look around this time, as well as a roving show-shine boy (my boots thank you!) and fetish-themed rickshaw rides.

I ended up getting mugged yet again by Second Coming, a varied and irresistible range of second-hand and stage clothing that has had me going out for extra cash both times I've visited the bazaar now. I also picked up a copy of a FIST CD, remembering that last night's event there might have been the last ever one... although let's hope not.

I'll definitely be going back to this next month with some friends, as the range of stuff on the stalls today was very promising...

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Re: Torture Garden Fetish Bazaar#1

That was our first time there - it was pretty good! Annie & I both bought new outfits, and enjoyed looking around. Maybe there were a few too many black rubber outfits tho, and I am always surprised that the TG range (considering size of brand) is not larger. The (single, unisex) cloakroom was fun tho, and was cool to meet in there some friends from the Furnace. Been to the evening session a couple of times and had fun, altho v low fetish/bdsm content.

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Re: Torture Garden Fetish Bazaar#2

Be back friends

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