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Hi, I just signed on and I'm brand new to the scene. For me it's not so much a sex thing (yet) but more a cool fashion thing. I really like to look of most fetish clothing (pvc) for its futuristic look, think Bladerunner.

Now here comes my request, where can I find some good looking mens fashion that is not so heavy on the buckles, belts and the likes? I saw this really cool long skirt top combo at breathless in camden and would love to see more like that, can anyone help?

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Re: Fetish Fashion#1

try defy the norm and dea at the tg fetish bazzar at the purple turtle in camdon. just the place for a bargin!

Huggs Slave 10 ( H )

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Re: Re: Fetish Fashion#2

There is a really good shop called 'Rob's' on wells street, which is between oxford circus and tottenham court road.

If you go to www.londonfetishscene.com it will be in their clothing links.

Most fetish clothing shops are 80% womens clothing, Rob's is all guys stuff.

Also Regulation in Angel

Cheers Stephen

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Re: Re: Fetish Fashion#3

The Fetish Bazaar is at the Purple Turtle in Camden (65 Crowndale Rd, opp. Camden Palace) this Sunday(19th) and every 3rd Sun. of the month. 12noon-6pm, free entry.

Defy The Norm are always there as am I (D-.). I deal in mostly good quality 2nd hand and catwalk-worn fetish/theatrical/alternative/vintage/glitzy clothes and accessories. A guy wanting something different would be hard pressed not to find something fabby there! I can also give advice or try to find anything specific you might be after.

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Re: Re: Fetish Fashion#4

defy-the-norm great place to shop. They also hang out at Erotica, skin 2 and most T.G Events. Nice people.

Mistress Leatherette

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Re: Re: Re: Fetish Fashion#5

Nice shop

des moines drywall installers

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