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I've been meaning to post here for some time, since I've been a lurker for almost a year, thought it was about time! Here is a review I wrote last month about the December BFE. It might be of interest to anyone in the South West who hasn't been yet and indeed to anyone thinking of having a stall there.

t and I had a fantastic time at the December BFE!

The BFE isn't just a working day for us. It's a chance to meet new people, and spend time with friends we've made over the years. This month we met someone for the first time who we have been chatting to for a couple of years online :o)

The reason we like this event so much is that the venue is just right! There is lots of room, the staff are friendly, they lay on coffee free of charge for the traders until the fair opens and are completely at ease with alternative lifestylers. Everyone is made to feel welcome.

The only drawback is there seemed to be a lack of heating and last weeks event was a bit chilly, but a heater was supplied for the party in the evening.
The bar prices are excellent - even the food is well priced and very nice too.

The organisers:

I haven't personally had a lot to do with JJ but know he has put a great deal of effort in since teaming up with Master Phil.

I have known Master Phil longer and have a lot of time for him. He has always bent over backwards to make this event work. He is supportive to the traders and has time for everyone who comes along. His slave, morgan (who many of you know) also works very hard to make newbies feel welcome and sees that traders are looked after. You can't ask for much more than that. They are a great team!

The event, although small to start with, is growing bigger and better every month. The demo's are always informative and well presented and the demo room is well lit.

It was also nice to see a few new traders this month.

Trade wise, we don't always make a fortune, but that doesn't matter. We get the chance to have a little play in the evening.

The play party is well organised. The equipment is superb (made by Master JJ) and is always clean. There are also cleaning materials available on site to ensure proper hygiene applies and always BFE regulars around to make sure that everyone is safe and happy.

My only criticism, the music in the play room was a little loud for my liking.

That said, because of the fabulous high ceilings inside the club, the room next door is ideal for anyone who enjoys using singletails. Problem solved! (You have to be careful of the occaisonal hanging disco ball though ... lol)

We have plenty of room for whip play in the back room and this month spent an evening in the company of some friends who are also whip enthusiats. We had a cracking time, and pulled in a bit of an audience which was nice.

So there you go. If you haven't yet been to the BFE, you should. It doesn't cost the earth to get in, the after party is well organised, and you'll get to meet some very nice people.

The BFE gets the big thumbs up from us. We're looking forward to next month already

Mistress Fox & t

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Re: Bristol Fetish Emporium#1

This is very useful information... We have been meaning to go for months now, came very close in January but are now aiming to make the February event.

We were interested to read about the evening party but, being a Sunday, we had heard that not many people attended so it was good to read that info as well.



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Re: Re: Bristol Fetish Emporium#2

not a related subject really but in the right area!
I want to hire a dungeon in bristol but am new to the area....anyone know of one?
Mistress Oguna

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Re: Re: Re: Bristol Fetish Emporium#3

Master JJ has one see BFE website

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