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This is a repost of a review I wrote of last month's Rapture, for the benefit of anyone reading here who is thinking of going to the next one...

On Friday (17th November) myself and my little brat went to Rapture, a monthly event which is held near Birmingham. It was particularly nice to go not only because I had not been there before but because a couple of friends were having a pagan joining ceremony to back up their collaring (they collared last year and will have a legal wedding in a year's time - so this was a wedding in spirit still).

That took place early and then the club started to fill up. The play equipment was excellent, as you would expect from Roissy Workshops (this particular club is a Roissy arranged event). The venue was nice too, quite large and roomy until late into the night.

Not so pleasant was the club owner - but I will give him his due in that he was appallingly rude to all and sundry, male/female top/bottom Dom/me and sub ... when he searched my bag he asked me if a bottle of curl enhancer really was a hair product. Good job for him it wasnt mace !

I had a fabby time - met some IRC people I have known for a while but not encountered, including a lovely lady named Flora who is very well known in the Leeds area and is in the process of writing a book about bdsm. I managed to swat the arse of a Dom I havent seen for a year and completely confuse him - last time he saw me my hair was almost down to my arse and with short hair he didnt recognise me : )

moogie had fun ... as well as being whacked silly by me I turned him over to a couple of ladies I know well, and he spent QUITE some time in the grope box. Not so nice was the TV Mistress who came over to the table ostensibly about a piece of wedding cake and started to play with his nipples whilst I was flogging him. She was very subtle about this and did it out of my line of sight but he handled it well just showing her the tab on his collar (hey he's a slut but he is MY slut and I am the one who decides if I give him away or not).

Equipment ... there were at least three spanking horses, four or five bondage platforms including a really nice big solid bed (how I long for a house with a cellar!), several queening thrones, only one St Andrew's Cross (caused queuing) and my favourite, a lovely rope web.

Music was a) GOOD and b) loud enough to hear but not in any way loud enough to disturb conversation. The mix of people was comfortable without a surfeit of unattached males on the prowl, although naturally there were the odd few "Desperate Doms in Dom Leather Pants!!!!" around. I didnt find any humour in some of their behaviour at all <looks at the ceiling>...

So... all in all Rapture is a good 'un ... well worth the travelling and people were there from both South of London and from Yorkshire etc.

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Rapture - 17th Nov#1

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When did you visit?#2

Was he rude to you the same night as this review was written for (November) or at the more recent event (December) ?

Interesting to hear this anyway, up to now I've only ever heard people talking about how good Rapture is for playing... but no-one has ever mentioned the 'feel' of the event before, which I always find incredibly important if I'm trying to have a good time...


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Re: When did you visit?#7

It was November, he was incredibly rude.

Even worse, we handed over our details and have never received any confirmation of whether these are stored somewhere. No, the atmosphere of the night was wrecked by this 'bouncer' guy who seemed to htink that he was dealing with a bunch of ignorant teenagers that he could bully around and not, as most people in the Scene are, professional, intelligent adults.

It was a terrible experience and we will never go to any event run at that club ever again.

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Re: When did you visit?#12

A bit rude, yeah

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Following on from the comments above...

I have been attending events there for approx 15months now (not just Rapture - in fact Rapture didn't exist at the time). And yes the owner can be off - but he's a lot better now then he used to be 15 months ago.

But the other staff are OK. Fiona the bar manager there (well she was last time i was there which admittedly due to work pressure and other things was in October 2000) is very nice and pleasant, and so is the other regular bar person.

the regular doorman can sometimes be a bit strange, but that's a case of getting to know you.

/me just wishes Ceasers wasn't so popular all the time now - when i started going, there were nights with 8 or 9 people in the club which lead to a good deal more socialising then you do with 150+ when you're a single male subby.

It is a good club whichever night you go - DeSades or Rapture (I haven't been to the one that follows Rapture, as I never have money that time of month). It (at least had and still advertises) a TV/CD night (http://www.cross-dressing.co.uk/home/toc.html), which shows a strong commitment to not just the swingers/fetish/bdsm'ers but other minorities to. (however even though i do crossdress - i've yet to make a CD night - something I am going ot fix very soon).

Give the venue a go. If you don't like the management, remember one thing - the management run the building, the organisers run the night... complain to the organisers (be it DeSades, Roissy, the Institute (i think). If enough voices are heard - then maybe something will happen?

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re ceasars#6

after reading your comments about the club we go regularly and agree john the owner is a pain but like you said it's just best to avoid him as much as possible and try not to let it spoil your night just to let you know the 4th friday of the month after rapture is a cp night now ran by the insituate i think there called we did go once but it wasn't our thing

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Some friends and I are possibly going to Rapture for the first time in March (cant make the Feb one which I believe is tonight) I am new to the scene and I find it sometimes a little daunting to go out dressed up. I am threfore alrmed to learn I might be subjected to rude behaviour from the management, especially as the trip to the club will involve a 100 mile journey and a hotel stay. Has anyone complained about this other than on this site? Has anything been done about it ?

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Other complaints#9

There was quite a lot of discussion about this on the newsgroup uk.people.bdsm, and the general consensus seemed to be that the owner is a bit brash / abrupt, but other than that he's fine. No-one else seems to have complaints of him sexually harassing females, and someone theorised that this was might have been a ill-thought out joke that went down badly.

On the whole, this club seems to be extremely popular with people who like the dungeon part of fetish clubs more than the dancefloor part, so if that's your scene, then I would say it's almost certainly worth going. If you do, then let us know how you get on!


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rapture venue at ceasars#4

we are regular visitors to rapture at the club in balsall common but i must agree with your comments regarding the owner of the club john he can be very rude and pushy towards the ladies and we know serveral couples which no-longer attend the club because of him i wonder whether rapture should be made aware of this and maybe think of changing there venue site as this is lost custom for them

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Never had any problem with staff or owner and have enjoyed good humoured banter from all. Everyone is different (thank God) and let's face it, we could all improve our attitude and behaviour. Rapture is a top class event well run which makes for a safe environment. For us (M/F couple) it's well worth the 300 mile round trip. But stay overnight, some reasonable accomodation near. Don't be put off by the purist rubbish about what's right or wrong. Any problems tell one of the DMs straight away and I am sure it will be addressed.
If people choose to stay away it's their loss and creates more space for the rest of us

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