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Now as your coconut rolls around your mouth and saliva trails down to your designer lipstick you stand and wonder.... Who is the model for male chastity devices? Strange but true; on my recent shopping missions I have found not one that fits Fable slave of the Web.

I recollect my thoughts to yesterdays Fantasy Faye at club Wicked. (Well attended actually) As I rummaged through Witches spells and potions, wands of doom and various cool clobber from Defy the Norm. Robert looking very swank in his new hat, who I always call Robin cos I can and finally finding the duo from J.D.L. for leather.

They had a good selection, but not quite the right fit, I purchased an English cock cage, for my favourite subby, only to find that on today's fitting session, guess what? It's too small; it would just about fit mouse as a trap of doom; for his wayward ears, yes they are still pink. The heavy chrome ring also bites into the flesh if you buy the wrong size or in my case the biggest size and well I felt like reaching for the soldering iron. Its true of all companies that use these rings of confidence to entrap your slaves.

Scratching the dreadlocks of the web, I wandered... are men getting smaller in the cricket box department? Talking of cricket Captain Zip, who I bumped into at the Fantasy Fair; and I quickly captured and slid the leather gloved hand to inspect his downstairs department, confirmed he was a girl today as all was deflated in the mid slips; of his shiny outfit.

Now a quick solution to the problem was to turf out from the web cupboard a nice two inch padlock; lock and load so simple and so cheap at 3.00 a pop! You can then spank and cane away, knowing the fiddly bits are safely mechanically laced for the duration. Another quickie is the old rubber band; the cool thick variety that bites like a puppy and gently trains your slaves into the idea of chastity. On a recent shoot with September films, for `Britain's Wildest`(to be shown in April2004) Fable was introduced to the Rhino chastity device. Now I left him to self-chastity, whilst I gossiped with Master Keith. Twenty-five minutes later the great contraption of servitude was finally in place, but hey it was a tight fit and a real struggle to get it all composed into a confined melody. What to do then?
Well its simple if you have the time, get your slave to measure the diameter of his manhood and then get him to order the correct size from Fetters, John at Warwick ( did this for me and it's a great fit for Fable.
Having argued about the required circumference the rings of doom now fit snugly.Hmmmmmm. The blacksmith almost burst his G.string too!
Thanks John. Other companies will do this service too. Remember you don't have to spend a small fortune on your chastity; cock straps start from about 4.00. They can be worn unobtrusively 24/7 (except during bath time) and give the newbie the idea of advancing up the league of chastity and cock and ball torture. Ladies I won't forget you see: They do a great leather chastity belt with a studded heart design great value for 39.00 complete with a padlock and chain. Masterworks also do polyurethane Love Lock priced 14.95. See: This comes in many colours and makes a versatile strap-on device too. A must buy for those girlie parties....

History Lesson

A great deal of European Medieval folklore contains stories of Lords, Knights, their ladies and chastity belts. When Knights of old did as they were told; who themselves swore vows of obedience, loyalty, poverty and chastity, 'protected' their women by locking them in chastity belts until they returned from the Crusades. Generally these chastity belts were made of iron or bronze, very occasionally they were made with precious metals and gemstones to adorn the belt of Doom.
The first documented reference to the term 'chastity belt' is credited to R'gine Pernoud, a Medieval historian who, in the 14th Century explained that a simple cord worn around the waist was a symbol of chastity (such as the robes of a monk or priest - the cord around his waist is a symbol of his vows of chastity and purity.

Between 1850's and the doom of the second world war; some male chastity devices were developed for the purpose of preventing male masturbation, how nice was that? Which some believed caused insanity (begs the question were all WW2 leaders W******?) Maybe who knows?

History often outlines a distinct difference between male and female chastity devices. The female chastity belt was seen as an instrument of protecting the gem of organic explosions from unwanted advances, and the male belt or device was developed to prevent 'self abuse' Simply blinding!

Also remembering that 90% of chastity wearers are men, well girls we know they need to control their urges in the fiddly department.

Forcing or encouraging a little of chastity play in your bedroom of fantasies will enhance any fun nighttime caper. For instance get your leather laces out of your divine Goddess like booties and tie up his penis. Make him feel your grip and wait as you torment his genital array; guaranteed to pop his cork! Experiment, and do not tie him up too tight at the beginning, remember it's meant to be sensual, erotic, tantilising...there are many beginners and 'how to' books out there.

Jay Wiseman for example writes riveting books. (
The jewel in the crown is practise and make it fun. Good luck with your magical moments and play safe.

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