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Every year and in every industry more and more shop owners are adding organic and all-natural lines to their inventory due to a rising demand in healthy altenatives. Why then do we not see this tendency in adult products?

Well we have.

We are proud to introduce a different kind of adult fun store: Must Have Toys. Aside from selling only best sellers and the best quality toys available on the market, we stock organic lubricant, all natural wipes, lovingly hand-crafted soaps and our own line of sensual massage oils.

Started by a loving couple in Manchester, Must Have Toys was created around the concept that sex is an integral part of a rewarding existence and should be awarded the same care as the food we eat, and the beauty products we buy.

Granted there is a place for sex toy superstores, but we know that there is a growing community of adults like us who enjoy shopping at smaller shops with an ethical perspective.

Secure shopping, naturally!

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Re: A more natural kind of adult fun shop#1

Wow, what a refreshing change!
Lovely layout and design. Quick delivery too.

I like you oils, will be ordering again!

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