Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (August)Review: Event

Today I paid my first visit to the BBB. I wasn't actually as impressed as I was expecting to be, finding it fairly similar to the London Fetish Fair, another event that leaves me wondering 'yes, but now what?'. I think these events may be more valuable to the BDSM crowd rather than fetishists - although there were quite a few clothing stalls dotted around the place. There did seem to be a little more variety in the goods on offer compared to the LFF though, from what I could see/remember.

I know the BBB is well known for its demos and talks, but I couldn't find today's - a talk on the connection between mind and body in the context of BDSM. I looked around from 1:30 to 2:00, and then left, so maybe it was running a bit late and I left too early.

The cafe upstairs was still serving its breakfast menu when I popped up there at 1pm - the food was good, and reasonably priced. The latter is more than I can say for the bar, with soft drinks costing between 1.50 and 2 - when a lemonade had only cost me 1 in a Birmingham nightclub on Friday night and the same in a bar on Saturday night.

With a 4 entry fee, I don't think I'd personally bother going back to this event unless I had a specific shopping mission in mind, or perhaps if the demo/talk was of particular interest. Those looking to browse a wide range of restraints etc might find it of more interest though, and perhaps if I'd had more money to spend on odds and ends then I may have been more interested myself... there's only so much fun to be extracted from window-shopping.

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Re: Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (August)#1

Aww sugar you should have kept on going up the stairs, to the floor above the cafe for the demo.

Agreed this month's BBB was definately anything other than impressive. It took all of about half an hour to go round the stalls and have a really good look... compared with the 2-3hours it normally takes, this was a really poor turn out of vendors.

I was starting to get paranoid about the variance in the charges for soft drinks on the day and thought it was just me that was getting charged more than one price for the same drink... but apparently not.

Also the staff in the bar downstairs had a problem with working at that type of event it seemes. Anyone wearing fetish of any description waited longer than anyone in vanilla dress to get served.

All in all a dissapointment to say the least. Perhaps it's just me but even the Compulion night in Brum this weekend was a wash out... Must be the time of year.

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Demo - upstairs from upstairs#2


Oh well, I'll know for next time... I'm sure I'll give the place a second chance at some point :)

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Re: Re: Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (August)#3

When I looked the next set of stairs were blocked off, thats why I didn't think you could go up to the next level. Oh well. It wasn't made clear enough for newcomers.

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