Unmasked - for male submissives, London 14th Oct.News

Newbies, those with little real life experience or anybody looking to extend their BDSM friendship circle, can come and chat, try play and enjoy the company of dominant ladies and sub males. Not hardcore, almost like a house party atmosphere.

What We Offer:

* The opportunity of play with crops, canes, paddles, straps, whips, quirts, violet wands, pegs, clamps, candle wax, foot worship and spanking to name a few. Try out dungeon equipment. Plus the chance to be restrained and try bondage should you wish.

* How to use safewords! There will be no obligation to do anything you do not wish to do - the night is yours.

* Chat with friendly Fem-Dommes and find out about how to approach a Mistress and what is expected of you.

* Information about protocol and etiquette if you so desire...

* Speak with experienced sub and switch men and ask questions from the male viewpoint, including service, living with a Domme and forced bi/gay BDSM play.
Discover what to wear and where to buy it.

* Advice on attending clubs, munches and fetish fairs.
The opportunity to worship the dominant women.

* Discussion on your fetish with others and help finding where you want to be in the continuum. Are you for lifestyle, or do you wish to enhance your sex life?

UnMasked is also a chance to meet new people in a friendly and unthreatening environment, and to widen your social circle and meet new like-minded friends. You'll be under no obligation whatsoever to play or participate in anything unless it's what you want to do.


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New date 15th December!!.#1

The Unmasked website is now fully updated http://www.unmasked.co.uk/

We also have a temporary website for the planned Foot Fetish Party on the 8th of December, although this does need more work! Have a look here - http://www.retifism.bravehost.com/ I've also set up a new email address for Retifism, which is TheLairOfMIssP@aol.com, so could those interested in FFP please update their records, thanks!

Some of us are at Sweet Torments this Saturday, having fun as usual.....*grin*

See you soon!

MissP xx

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