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Although I've been to a few fetish clubs in the past, I'd never actually been to Mass - the regular venue for TG. The venue itself is a converted church and the entrance is at the basement. We got a little confused because there was ground level entrance to another club which we mistakenly strated to queue up for!

There is a strict dress code for TG and this is enforced at the door by bouncers and TG staff. Our first destination was the cloakroom and I have to ay that this was the worst element of the club as we queued for 30 mins, going up a winding stairwell with other people struggling to pass us in deperate attempts to reach the conveniences! However, in it's defence, the cloakroom organisation is no worse than any other fetish club that I've been to. We had the pleasure of being the butt of someone's jest when we asked the couple in front about how much further the cloakroom was. When confirmed that it was our first time, they made an unfunny joke by saying that they don't tell first-timers these things. In other words, they didn't know :)

The first room we ventured into was the main dance room (Club Arena) where loud techno/hard-house anthems were being played as the hordes of radically attired individuals were dancing away or drinking their drinks. The DJ was adept at his job and did a great job by enjoying it. The room is huge and there are two side stairwells that lead to the dancefloor in front of the DJ's booth. However, dancing was not strictly bound to this area as everyone else was boogie-ing away on the upper level.

Two exits led to the couple of siderooms which were used as chill-out rooms where everyone rested their bones after jumping up and down for two hours. There may also have been people who have just finished their wonderful experiences in the dungeon room (see later). Comfortable padded communal seats were available.

From the chill-out rooms, there was the Performance Lounge where special shows were provided. The music was of a gentler tone and tempo and most people were here to spectate or chat in a social drinking environment. We'd missed the performances so I won't write about them here.

The Dungeon room is located in the basement and is accessed through a stairwell that leads from the Dance Arena. A few racks and crosses are provided for use and it is pretty much anything goes from here onwards. We watched a few couple scening and I was impresse to see that the spectatting crowd was polite and watched without interferring. There wasn't any sign of people walking through scenes either.

My general feeling of TG in Mass was positive. Previous venues which I have attended have all tended to suffer from one two main problems: Cloakroom and Space. Whilst Mass has room for improvement on the former, the latter is suitably catered for in the large church. I was astounded that I wasn't even jostled once when I grooving it away on the dancefloor. Everyone I came across were extremely polite, mindful and friendly. I don't know whether this was because I was lucky and came on a night when only the congenial crowd were present but I was very impressed by the standard of behaviour. Upon sitting down in the chill-out rooms, people would make rooms for us. Now I just wish that bus passengers would be as nice :)

Costume-wise, this was definitely a diverse collection of people. Outfits ranged anything from nurses and surgeons to good old fashion black rubber/leather/PVC and even down to birthday suits! I suppose that being someone who has been to similar clubs, I was not surprised nor shocked by anything I saw. But I'd imagine that seeing a stark naked man might take some getting used to by someone completely new to the fetish scene.

Hope you found this personal review helpful. I'm off to dish out a tenner and make myself a TG member now.

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