KinkFest 2004 - December 11thNews

December 11th brings a day of celebration and education for the BDSM and fetish communities. Unfettered - a new voluntary organisation formed to celebrate and defend the diverse sexualities of the community - are starting with a bang with Kinkfest 2004 in London followed by a play party till late.

Kinkfest will feature workshops, stalls, exhibitions, films, live entertainment and more, run by many people well known in the community, at London's Conway Hall from 10.30 a.m. till 4.00 p.m. The play party will take place in the evening at Stunners.

Workshops/Demos/talks/stage presentations arranged so far include BDSM for beginners, electroplay, bondage, whip demo, TV Transformations, BDSM & the Law, Edge Play, Caning, Fetish sewing, Building Local Communities, Erotic Readings, Wax Play, Strap-on play and a Fashion Show

Participants in the various activities so far confirmed (in no particular order and with apologies for any omissions are) :-

Tanos, Violently, Kat & the family, Ishmael Skyes, Alex Jacob, Kayazu, Esinem, Douglas, Macrame, Grant Denkinson, Celeste West & Pollyanna, EGO, John Pendal, Lady Pandora, Mistress Nikki, Twinkle, Mistress Vamp, Mycroft, Rosie Lugosi, Rosaleen Young, Princess Spider, Fashion Show by Max Kane.

Quite a line up !!

Full details are on the website which will be updated as and when new additions are confirmed but it already shows many of the Workshops/Demos and stage acts already arranged (you have the option there to be advised by email of later events).

SO make a note in your diaries for December 11th and (if relevant) book your baby sitters for the play party, though crèche facilities will be available for Kink Fest .


We are looking for volunteers to help out on the day and at the play party in the evening. There are a variety of tasks to be done during the day, and your help is really appreciated. Those who volunteer will get into the daytime event free of charge (normal price is £5 / £3 conc) and will get a discount at the evening play party - £8 / £4 conc (normal price is £12 / £8 conc).

We are asking each volunteer to commit one hour of their time to helping out, and also to be available for another hour during the day in case we need you. This is the minimum we ask for, but obviously we are delighted if you are able to give more time than this. If you are interested in volunteering at Kinkfest, please either

- e-mail us with your contact details -

- go to and send a message through the website under the category 'Help Offered'.

All we need initially is an e-mail address and a name - we will get in touch with you after that to find out a bit more about you.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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