New magazine Midlands Fetish Scene - out in MayNews

The first issue of Midlands Fetish Scene, the free quarterly magazine, will be rolling off the presses in May this year.

It'll be providing news, reviews and special features of interest to the BDSM and fetish loving people of the greater Midlands region.

There'll be:
* regular columnists from within the scene offering their own personal slant on all things to do with BDSM and fetish,
* a free listings page for munches and non-profit making groups and organisations,
* advertising space for scene-related businesses.

For more info, visit

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Magazine Launch at BBB on 15 May#1


This Sunday's BBB is the official launch of Midlands Fetish Scene. Aside from handing out hot of the press copies of the mag throughout the day, we'll also be doing a little announcement/presentation from the stage at 2.30pm (just after the demo). So come and say hello, get your copy of the mag and grab any freebies we'll be giving away.


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Re: Magazine Launch at BBB on 15 May#2

Personal preference

pole barn builders

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Re: Re: Magazine Launch at BBB on 15 May#3

final launch!

barn builders

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