Norwegian fetish/bdsm communeties visiting London!Request

I'm looking for some information and advice / recommendations due to a weekend-trip to London we are trying to arrange this fall. (We, as in the Norwegian bdsm/fetish communities)

We will most likely take the trip a weekend sometime between late August and October, arriving Thursday afternoon and go back home on Sunday.
Having the possibility to attend events/parties both Friday and Saturday-night would be just great!

So obviously, I'm curious of what bdsm and/or fetish events/parties that are taking place around that time, hopefully some of you might have some recommendations on events and perhaps some views on what might be interesting for us to attend.
Practical info like where/what it costs/dresscode/the theme on the event and such things are things we need to know.
If you happened to know of some good, but not very expensive hotels nearby the event, please add that info to.

Just a little something about us:
The community I'm in is a small bdsm community called SM-Sør, set in southern Norway. We are only about 20 active members.
But there are several similar communities all over Norway, and together these communities are trying to arrange this trip.
It is very difficult for me to guess how many we will be as you probably understand, it might be only 10, but it also might be as many as 40.

If you got some other information you believe to be relevant for us to know, regarding events / parties at that time, please let me know.



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Strap-on Jane Summer Party - 23rd July >>>

Torture Garden have events provisionally happening on 10th September and 7th October... their events are always good :)

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